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Welcome to my 100th article on Moviepilot! One of the last times I wrote about Supernatural, it got me some heat, but that's okay! I got to meet a fellow Supernatural superfan on the tweeter, even if my level of love for the show can't hold a candle to Amy'

So it's time to go back to the Winchesters for number 100!

If you've been watching season 11 of Supernatural, good job! If not, well, I don't even know you anymore. So far (SPOILER ALERT!) this season, we've made it to the point where the fate of Amara is unknown, and Sam got tricked by Lucifer, and is now back in the cage with him.

not a good place to be
not a good place to be

As stoked as I am to see Mark Pellegrino back as The Most Unclean One himself, this leaves one huge burning question.

Where in the hell in hell is Adam, Dean and Sam's half brother, and Michael's Sam comes back from the cage without Adam (and without his soul), and later on, Dean tries to get Sam and Adam's souls back from the cage by making a deal with Death. Death only lets him pick one, and of course he picks Sam's. As far as we know, Adam is still in the cage with Michael (or as Michael?) and Lucifer. Talk about some bad roommates.

So, when Crowley and his mama summon Lucifer into this cage:

It seems that maybe it's not really HIS cage, but just one they have for him to stay in while they waterboard him. Whatever the case, being the sly dog he is, Lucifer tricks Sam and gets him into the cage, and it really looks like there's no way out except to become the devil's vessel again.

Unfortunately, there's no Adam in sight!

Is he back in the original cage? Is he hiding in the shadows as himself or as Michael? Does this mean the writers are just going to write him out of the story, or is he going to come back and surprise us, say, maybe to be Lucifer's vessel? Hmmm? What a twist that would be!

While you chew on that, go ahead and watch the ending of Swan Song in all it's glory, why don't ya:


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