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You read that right! And if you're a good Supernatural fan, you probably already knew this. And you probably already know that not only is Jim Beaver reprising his role as Bobby Singer in one episode this season, so is Rufus Turner, played by Steven Williams!


I don't know about you, but Bobby and Rufus's story was one of the best of the show. It was like Grumpy Old Men Who Kill Monsters with them two. With maybe even a little Lethal Weapon thrown in.

The bad news is, of course, that the episode is slated to be a flashback-type episode, but that should hardly be bad news. Bobby's coming back! That's all we care about!

The episode revolves around an old case that Bobby and Rufus once worked, in what would have been season 5, according an interview Jeremy Carver had with TVLine. My guess is, they'll go back in forth in time as Sam and Dean are investigating it, and while Bobby and Rufus did in the past. What would be AWESOME is if somehow, they ended up working together, two in the future and two in the past, and were all aware that they were doing it! It's sounds nuts, but this is Supernatural!

How they manage to find time to investigate actual cases, like the one involving professional wrestlers (come on, Stephen Amell, be in this one!), what with the darkness walking around all mad at her brother God and making out with Dean, I'll never know. But I don't care! Because, Supernatural!

Here's the latest trailer to tide you over for a few seconds:

Come on, January 20!


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