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I can understand why all the actors and actresses might develop a fascination of the morbid after working on a show like The Walking Dead for awhile. I mean, some of us come to work every day and see these zombies:

But these guys and gals get to see this:

And this:

So sure, they might like gross and scary things more than the rest of us.

But recently, Lauren Cohan (Maggie) has a new movie, The Boy, coming out later this month. Here's a trailer to make you hate dolls even more than you already do:

Not to be outdone, everybody's favorite zombie apocalypse housewife Lori, Sarah Wayne Callies, has one coming out that is just as sure to creep you out as Lauren's.

The Other Side of the Door:

This looks pretty much like your run of the mill, freaky thing crawling up stairs, doors pounding, screaming, scare-ya horror movie, but it's a little bit different take on the bringing back the dead thing. Instead of being able to (or being allowed to in this movie's case) see your deceased loved one, this movie tells about a temple that allows you to talk to your loved one behind a closed door. But like The Boy, there are rules. Or really, just one.

Do not open the door!

And of course, Lori being Lori, she opens the damn door.

Here's the official synopsis from Fox:

A family living overseas in Mumbai, India, are struck by tragedy when their 8-year-old son, Oliver, is killed in a car accident, for which his mother, Maria, feels directly responsible. Maria falls into a deep depression, unable to function around her husband or 6-year-old daughter, who survived the crash. But her housekeeper tells her about a Hindu ritual that will allow her to speak to her son one last time. She’s instructed to head to an abandoned temple, sprinkle her son’s ashes, and when he appears at night, speak to him from the other side of the temple portal. It soon becomes clear that Maria is haunted by her son and other spirits angered by the sacrilege of the open door.

Looks pretty good!

Bring on the “she should have told her son to stay in the house” jokes :)


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