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Thanks to running across this article on the telegraph's website

I'm now fully aware of a freakin' CRUISE that is WALKING DEAD THEMED.


But, I probably won't, seeing how I'm married and have no time, and it costs money. But, if I had the money...

Not only does this cruise start from Miami, and sail to the Grand Bahama island, and 3 days later, arrive back at Florida, but it also has stars from the show aboard! Beth, Tyreese, Rosita, Bob, DARYL, MICHONNE, Aaron (see the lasest cool thing from him here), Martinez, Nicholas, along with Greg Nicotero himself and Tate Steinsiek from Face Off. Emily Kinney (Beth) is even listed as part of the entertainment! Who wants to hear Beth sing? Here you go-

On top of all that fun stuff, the guests get the usual meals and accommodations of a normal cruise, more entertainment, Q&A with all and autographs from some of those fine people mentioned above, and a zombie makeup experience (for an extra charge, apparently).


Chime in: would you go on a cruise with The Walking Dead cast?

Say no. I dare you!


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