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Who knew that Ross Marquand, the actor who plays Aaron from The Walking Dead can give Kevin Spacey a run for his money with celebrity impersonations! Ross even does a dead-on Kevin. He's well known for bonding with a seemingly un-bondable Daryl Dixon, and Aaron being one of the only gay members of the Alexandria Safe-Zone makes his friendship with the badass squirrel eating redneck seem even more surprising. But it works! And it spawns countless cringe-inducing Daryn love stories.

But onto Ross's other talent.

Check out some videos from this guy's youtube!

From Talking Dead:

A screen test as “Henry” (not sure who that is):

Impress-A-Vention! Sounds weird, but it's pretty funny-

And the most recent one with Vanity Fair, which is starting to go a little viral on the interwebs:

His channel is chock-full of videos of him doing impersonations... check it out!


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