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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 7 starts with Bulma and Jaco reaching Zuno Sama’s home planet. Zuno is the all knowing guy who posses knowledge of all that exists. From the description of him we got earlier from Jaco. I was expecting a bit different type of character than the one we got to see. A bit comedic approach in drawing style and a unique design I must say. Basically, Zunou only answer to a limited number of questions which is apparently based on the present he gets. The entire scene was humorous. Jaco kissed him as a present which didn’t go to well obviously. He got only 1 question which he however wasted asking Bulma’s bust size. Zunou said it used to be bigger but now it has sagged a little. For detailed analysis regarding Bulma’s boobs check the description. Links has been attached. Bulma got 3 questions and wasted 2. The information that eventually came from him is that the Super Dragon Balls are scattered in universe 6 and 7, the method of summoning the dragon god and detailed information about its size, origin and shape etc. The star marks of the Super Dragon Balls can be viewed from all angles. Bulma wanted to ask more questions but they will have to wait 1 more year to be able to ask questions again; Kind of similar to the Dragon Balls. They also wasted questions like they waste wishes on Dragon Balls.

We see Goku and Vegeta training at the hyperbolic time chamber. They didn’t hold anything back as both went Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan. We got to know interesting information about the Saiyan’s. That is the saiyans remain young even at the age of 80! They trained for 3 days of earth time which is 3 years in the time chamber. Contrary to the previous time limit of 2 days; the condition might have been changed when it was restored or rebuilt. Logically, thinking 3 years of training should have a huge impact on them. They transformed into Gods and increased powers in a very short period. Going by that they must be a lot stronger now. Goku and Vegeta also trained at some hyperbolic time chamber similar place under Whis.

Then, all the Z fighters and other known characters reached the battleground except Gohan. He didn’t come because of being on a business trip. I personally think it’s better for Gohan to be on earth than there. Since, he isn’t in the tournament he would have nothing to do anyway. In-fact, I think this plot could be planning something big for Gohan. If something happens to Earth while everyone is here. Gohan will be on charge to deal with it till they come back. I made a detailed video explaining why I think DBS has big plans for Gohan.
( Analysis Video On Why Gohan Might Get A Power Boost- )

Goku meets the Kaiou-shin samas of both the universes. Universe 6 Kaiou-shins are surprised that they are friends with these human.

I loved it when Pilaf gang expressed interest in the super Dragon Balls. Nice promotion little fellas!

We finally got to meet the mystery fighter. Whose look was quite different than what most of us were expecting. This guy is small and reddish with pointy ears. And main feature appears to be his nipple. His name is Monaka which is also related to his nipples. This guy even bragged about him having big nipples. It would be super weird if he uses his nipples in the battle. He is from planet Wagashi and according to Whis they are in nature kind but when they lose cool even Beerus sama might have a tough time. So, I am guessing there’s a probability of this guy transforming into something epic.

At the end, we get a glimpse at all of the universe 6 fighters. From right to left, the 1st one is Frost a fighter from Frieza’s race. He is thought to be very strong. We all know the dormant potential of Frieza’s race. Frieza reached his ultimate evolution-Golden form by training only 4 months. And Frost looks like someone who trained. Besides, him is the character that looks like Winnie The pooh; not race wise but role was he looks like alternate of Buu in universe 6. Then, there is this guy who has similarity in looks with Cell and Cooler. Also some character designing resemblance with the Nameks. I think he is the strongest fighter of U6 and the leader material. Besides him is the saiyan named cabe/kabe. Some people think cabe is a female saiyan. He has no tails. He looks like a prodigy. Because they are supposed to bring the strongest saiyan; so, he being young and strongest seems interesting. If he is a full or half saiyan is a matter of curiosity. Lastly, we have this gigantic robot whose name is probably Magetta. He doesn’t resemble to much with any known DBZ character. Looks like a refreshing one. He has slight resemblance with the robot from the movie ‘World’s Strongest’. Could it be someone using the robot as armor or something unexpected?

All the new fighters-

1. Heat: Well, there are not many certain or confirmed information’s to share about him. As chapter 7 of DBS manga didn’t give any details about him. We just got his first look.

So, what I am going to write are all based on assumptions or my personal thinking. You can share yours on the comment section.

I think heat is the strongest character on Champa’s team. More like a leader figure. Also he looks the coolest to me. Now from his looks he looks similar to 2 previously known Dragon Ball character. Most people agree that he looks like Perfect Cell. He also has some similarity with Cooler.

Now questions like who could he be? What’s his race? How powerful is he?

Well, there are many possibilities. He could be a totally new character from a new species. Who has nothing to do with any character we know. This has a good possibility as Toriyama is interested to introduce absolute new and fresh characters.

Now, going by his looks if we try to make some connection he could be someone like Cell who has the ability to absorb. His body appears to have different and diverse features which could indicate absorbing someone. How would Cell look if he absorbed King Cold and Frieza at hell? Hahaha

I also personally think this character could have something to do with the nameks. Maybe they all combined into one or something like that.

Putting all the assumptions aside, I can tell you that this guy is the real deal. He will probably extend to this super series till the very end and gain a lot of fan popularity.

2. Frost: I am going to analyze the one whom I believe to be the 2nd strongest warrior on Champa’s team.

Yes, I am going to write about the one from Frieza’s race. And his name is most probably Frost refereeing to cold.

Now, this Frost character appears very interesting to me. Though there are some people who are a bit disappointed about seeing a character from Frieza’s Race. Just after the Golden Frieza saga.

The reason I am excited about this character is because it has immense possibility. And I also believe the dragon ball series did the right thing by bringing another character from Frieza’s race. Because, if you think deeply this race has a lot to do with the saiyans, and the saiyans are considered to be the main and the most important race in the dragon ball series. Since, the 2 main characters Goku and Vegeta is from the saiyan race.

And who destroyed planet of the saiyans?

Frieza. Frieza killed Goku and Vegeta’s father and literally wiped out the saiyan race using his fingertip. This is a very important incident in Dragon Ball history. And we know that their race was the ruler race. And the saiyans in a way were his slaves.

That is Frieza’s race is naturally strong. Nature gave them all the power they needed. Now Frieza’s era of domination came to an end in the hand of Goku. Goku proving the legends true become a Super Saiyan and finished Frieza’s domination. Super Saiyan Trunks later killed him on earth.

Goku had to train his entire life to achieve this super saiyan form. Frieza when he encountered Goku was in an untrained condition. Then after Frieza was gone, Goku trained all this year with King Kai, Supreme Kai’s in the hyperbolic time chamber, with Whis and Beerus. That is he continuously kept training. Frieza was in hell all this time. Then, after his resurrection he trained for only 4 months and became strong enough to fight Goku and Vegeta at their primes! Off-course, his dull decision, over confidence and arrogance made him to come to earth just after reaching the gold form; without mastering the form, resulting in his defeat. However, this shows us how fast Frieza could increase his powers and the fact that his race has way more latent potential than the sayians and most other known races in Dragon Ball universe.

So, where I am trying to get is. Imagine a Frieza who trained throughout his life. Huh! Great isn’t it! Going by what we’ve seen till now he should’ve surpassed Goku and Vegeta. Now, suppose the Frost character from Universe 6 is exactly like that. This could be amazing.

However, if he’s that strong I think he should transform into something other than the gold form so that we don’t have to see similar things. Gold form could be his second form. If you look at the physique of Frost it looks like he trained he is a bit muscular than Frieza in his base form. And also looks like to have a different personality than that of Frieza. This is a positive side. Because, one of the major reason of Frieza failing is his personality and bad decisions. If this guy is cool and composed and also trained we are going to get one heck of a rival!

Now what could be his background story? Is he also evil?

At this point it’s almost impossible to answer. But, I am still going to give a try. These assumptions are not backed by logics but my personal opinion.

I think Frost could be a good guy. Even if not 100% good or something ike that. But, he might have some sort of goodness in him. On the other hand, if we assume he trained. What could be the reason of him training? Since their natural tendency is to not train? So, could it be that Frieza’s race encountered stronger opponents in universe 6 forcing him to train? Could he be like the saiyans of Universe 7? What if his race was destroyed and he is the only survivor or one of the few survivors. Maybe in Universe 6 the saiyans overwhelmed Frieza’s race at an early time and Planet Vegeta Is untouched. The young Saiyan in Champa’s team indicates that there might be more Saiyans. Or it could also be he is friends with Saiyans to face a common enemy.

3. Cabe/ Kabe: And his name is Kabe/Cabe which is like most other saiyan name a pun related to vegetables. And this name comes from Cabbage. For example, Vegeta comes from Vegetables.

The question comes how strong is he?

Well, in Chapter 7 we didn’t get any hints about his power. But, it appears that he has a decent amount of strength. Since Champa picked him out of all the saiyans in Universe 6. Or it could he is just one of the few Saiyan’s that remains in U6.

However, if he’s strong it is assumable that his parents were strong. As we see Goten and Trunks were easily able to transform into super saiyans due to having advanced genetics. And it could also be that their parents are from different species. Like, the saiyans and humans of our universe. And from the looks the closest this character comes to any of the previously known Dragon Ball character is Teen Gohan. His face and hair has similarities with Teen Gohan. Some people think that he is the alternate of Vegeta. That I find quite unlikely because they don’t have any similarity. And if there were even any alternatives they would have been on same age coz it appears that both the universe goes through the same timeline. You can always say unlikely thing like what if Future Trunks lives in U6 and it’s his son/Daughter.

Now, though I am referring the saiyan as he, it could turn out that the Saiyan is actually a female.

another thing is if he is powerful then curiosity comes what type of transformations does he have?

If their method of power increasing is also to go super then it could be a bit awkward. I mean at this point what level of super saiyan will he go?

Super Saiyan 2 or even 3 will be useless against Goku and Vegeta. And if that kid goes god that will be kind of weird to see. So, if they have some new techniques or ways of transformation I wouldn’t be surprised.

What if they can go Great Ape with a more controlled shape and much more increase of power and speed?

Or they have some other techniques of increasing power other than going super saiyan.

I remember champa planning to bring Saiyans. But, he brought only one. What if, what if. The Gigantic robot is not a robot it’s a saiyan covered with armor.

What if the gigantic robot is THE LEGENDARY SUPER SAIYAN of their universe and the robotic form is used to control him.. lol this one was a joke obviously.

The Mystery Fighter Monaka:

This article is about the mystery fighter of universe 7. At the end of the chapter 6 Beerus hinted about the mystery fighter who is stronger than Goku. Since, then in the Dragon Ball community he was the most talked about fighter!I mean all of a sudden Beerus declares there’s going to be another fighter in his team and that fighter is stronger than even Goku. Everyone was like what! Who could be this guy we never heard of! What could be his race?

Assumptions were all over the place. Many fans thought this could be an occasion to re-introduce some old underused characters like Bardock, Broly or Future Trunks. Of course all these names popped up because these characters are fan favorite types. But, most of us here could assume that Akira Toriyama was going to introduce a new character. Since, he mentioned many times before that Dragon Ball Super’s main focus will be introducing new characters.

We all were ready for a surprise. Then on chapter 7, the mystery was finally revealed. And I bet every single fan was surprised to see the fighter. The guy who is stronger than Goku turns out to be a reddish little guy with big nipples. Maybe the weirdest Dragon Ball character ever keeping in mind his powers; though I love muscular characters I had in mind that we may get a smaller character. Because, if you observe Dragon Ball doesn’t bring too many muscular characters these days, even Beerus and Whis aren’t muscular.

But, this! Woah man! I admit Toriyama surprised me absolutely! I just never imagined a character so weird with the main feature being big nipples. The name of the mystery fighter is Monaca. He is a short red alien from Planet Wagashi. In-fact he is the hero of planet Wagashi. And is the strongest opponent Beerus ever faced apart from Whis. He wears a green suit and white shoes. Whis said the name Monaca means the ‘He of Great Ponta’. When Goku asked Monaca what Ponta means he cleared that Ponta means nipples and that he had big nipples. This is super weird man! Super weird! Will he end up gaining powers with nipples and throwing beams and stuff! Hahaha

Though, majority of the fans are disappointed with Monaka. I am on the positive side. I mean Toriyama decides to bring a completely different character. Let’s wait and see what happens. He surely has some plans. Besides, Monaca could transform into something epic. Even the attire Monaca wears appears to me as something that was made expandable. So, he could get really big. Or it could be that his powers are different kind of psychic abilities or based on ki’s. In that case size and shape won’t matter. What I am thinking is this guy could have some crazy tricks that can make a strong opponent look like nothing. Dragon Ball characters tend to transform a lot. For example Frieza’s first form was not very terrifying. But, then his second and third transformations made him huge. And though his Final form was small by then we knew about his powers and the form was cool anyway.

Whis said- ‘Monaca San is a hero in the planet Wagashi, His home of origin. The people there are very docile and kind. But their true power is such that once they bear their fang. Even Beerus sama would have difficult time trying to corral them’

Damn it Monaca! Where were you when Buu was planning to destroy the universe? King Kai should have found you.

So, from the statement it appears me that Monaca would have like an average power in normal state. But, when his rage is awaken or under a particular serious situation his powers can increase beyond limits. So, if he changes into something completely different that wouldn’t be surprising either.

Like Picollo said about Monaca- ‘Getting Caught off Guard Because Of His Outward Appearance. That Could Be Something He Lulls His Opponents With. ‘

As Vegeta replied ‘I know looks can be deceiving but... sheesh’.

So, let’s be a bit more optimistic. He is unique and unique is good. You never know what’s next.

Besides, we got at-least 2 very cool characters on chapter 7 anyway.

How Strong Might Picollo Be?

Picollo is like one of the most important Dragon Ball character and almost everyone loves him. In-fact Picollo is Akira Toriyama’s most favorite character. If you are the type of person who hates Picollo you are an idiot.

Since, the very beginning Piccolo was a character that stood apart everyone else. Since, the first time we saw him as Kid Piccolo on Dragon Ball. He had a lot of impact. And the type of scary descriptions we got from Kami and Popo added a lot to him. And eventually he was the final opponent of the Dragon Ball series. And it goes without saying he was the best.

Even in Dragon Ball Z Piccolo always got important roles. He is the one who beamed Raditz to death which however killed Goku too. He is the one who made Gohan who he was at his prime. Besides, one of the finest moments of Dragon Ball Z was when Piccolo officially transformed into a selfless good guy. When he sacrificed himself for Gohan and proved that not even a bit of evil was in him.

Now, currently we are watching a new series of Dragon Ball. And till now we saw Picollo sacrificed himself again for Gohan and from Manga we know he is in the Universe 7 team. Which is great? I mean how many saiyan do you want to see fighting in the same team?

Picollo being a namek will bring a lot of variation. Who doesn’t like his way of fighting. The style, arm regenerating, epic entrances and dialogues and so much more.

However, the question is how strong will Piccolo be in the tournament? He and Buu obviously got some special training for the tournament. And I believe it about time Piccolo get a huge power boost. Do you guys remember the time Piccolo turned into Super Namek after fusing with Kami? Having previously fused with Nail?

His power level increased unbelievably. He even got stronger than a super saiyan at that point.

According To Dragon Ball Wiki, Super Nameks (超ナメック星人) are Namekians who manage to unlock their abilities and achieve seemingly insurmountable powers. Super Nameks are not fundamentally a different type of Namekian, simply very powerful Namekians. However, most Super Nameks are susceptible to corruption and have misused their power in the past.

And from history Super Nameks were mostly the evil type of namkes. Like, Lord Slug.

So, since Picollo didn’t get any power boost in Buu saga. And because Picollo started to train again can we hope that he will get some sort of new transformation. And I believe Picollo as an iconic Dragon Ball character deserves to get stronger at this point.

Now, the question is how will he power up? Will he be Super Namek 2 or 3. Or could did he also get Godly Ki’s like Goku and Vegeta. Though, some fans might feel something like this would to much. I personally believe a Super Namek God would be one of the coolest things Super can possibly offer us.

No matter what happen I really hope that he won’t just be a feeder for the tournament. I just want to see him fighting his opponent toe to toe.

What If Universe 6 Defeat Universe 7?

As we know, If Universe 7 wins they will get the Super Dragon Balls. Super Dragon Balls are each about the size of a planet and has much more power than normal Dragon Balls. On the other hand, if U6 wins the earth of the 2 universes may get exchanged.

Now, Goku thinks there will be no bad impact on earth it will just be in a different universe leaving no negative impact. When Goku inquired to Beerus about this he kind of ignored the question. So, we are not yet sure what is really on stake.

Most of us have taken it for granted that Universe 7 will win. But, what if they lose? What happens then?

I actually see a lot of logical reasons which made me think that universe 7 has a high possibility of losing. Akira Toriyama said that he wants to introduce a lot of new characters in Dragon Ball Super. And we just got six new fighters in one chapter. And The only way we can see them on action again after the tournament is if the earth’s gets interchanged. Or Goku and Vegeta go to Universe 6 for doing something or they come to universe 7 for something. And with type of characters in that team like Heat,Frost and Cabe. I believe they were created for more than just one chapter.

Besides, if Universe 7 lose; and the earth gets interchanged, we will have a fresh plot with possibilities to get a lot of new characters. I mean how many time in this universe will an opponent keep coming who is strongest ever and King Kai pretended to not know him earlier?

While if we have all our fighters in universe 6 they might have to protect the earth themselves from entirely new opponents. There could be so much to explore with so many races. And I bet the story could go like they defend earth on Universe 6 and try to get it back on 7 again. Because, 7 is safer; then by the end there could a re-match or something.

Otherwise, the tournament might have a much unexpected ending. Maybe no one wins. Maybe due to some kind of accident universe 6 and 7 gets merged. Or maybe this is a build up for us to witness other universe. Or the earth could get attacked meanwhile with only Gohan being there. Akira Toriyama is good at giving surprises. So, be ready for that too.

Till then let’s wait and hope to see something amazing.

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