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Supernatural is currently on it's 11th season right now and it is just amazing on how popular it has gotten through the years. As a newcomer to the series I can say that the community is very welcoming and nice. I personally discovered Supernatural sometime in June of 2015 on Netflix and fell in love with it instantly. It has made me happy, angry, confused, and sad with in just one of it's average episodes. I was so addicted to the show that I just had to catch up on the show before season 11 started in October, so I did. I watched seasons 1-9 within 3 months, season 5 in 1 day, and when season 11 started Netflix added season 10 so I was able to knock that out in 3-5 days. I then started watching season 11 on Hulu whenever a new episode came out. So now that I am 100% caught up I just have to say how I feel about this show. "It is the best show in the universe!" It has drama, action, romance, comedy, and horror. I do have to admit though the horror part of it kind of left after season 2 or 3 but I could care less because of all the joy, pain, love, and excitement this show gives me. The characters are just great too. I personally can never decide on a favorite because of the constant character growth the writers and directors give them. But if you were to ask me if I would recommend this show to a friend, I would say YES in a heartbeat! It has everything you need to be an amazing TV show and I hope it never ends!!! (Even though it will sadly one day.) :(


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