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ABC recently announced that a second comedy series will be eventually hitting the small screen. This will be the fifth ABC show based on a Marvelproperty, right behind Damage Control and Marvel's Most Wanted. And although there are more than a couple of potential characters and groups this show could be based on, there are two characters in particular who would be perfect for their own shows. These two characters are She-Hulk and Howard the Duck.


She-Hulk is Bruce Banner's cousin, who became She-Hulk through a blood transfusion. Her name is Jennifer Walters, and after gaining her powers she can become a weaker version of the Hulk while retaining her intelligence. She currently acts as a lawyer, and will frequently serve superheroes when they are forced to appear in court.

Howard the Duck:

Howard the Duck is a ill-tempered, talking Duck who is trapped on Earth. He has battled more than a few supervillains, including Dr. Bong, Turnip Man, and the Kidney Lady, but he currently works as a private investigator to pay his bills.

The Source Material Is Hilarious:

Both She-Hulk and Howard the Duck are known for their comedy. She-Hulk in particular used to be known for breaking the forth wall, something that is now famous because of Deadpool.

They Are Working Class and Relatable:

Because they both have jobs, not a lot of money has to be spent on costly action sequences. The premise of their most recent series have been more about them just trying to live day to day, then trying to go out and fight crime.

And because they are outcasts who are just trying to get by, they are instantly relatable. You may not be a talking duck, but most people know what it is like to struggle just to pay the bills.

They Are Connected To The Larger Universe:

Above is a scene from She-Hulk, where She-Hulk helps Spider-Man sue Jameson for Libel. Below is a scene from Howard the Duck, where Howard contacts Spider-Man for help with Black Cat.

Although they both involve the same hero, trust me when I say that they run into many other heroes, including the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Avengers, and more. Although these events are usually rare, it would provide a solid connection between the show and the movies, which is something the current ABC shows are often criticized for.

In addition, this will provide two characters who are able to cross over to the movies. They are PG-13, unlike the Netflix characters, and they don't hide, unlike the spies of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. This would make them the perfect crossover characters.

People Would Watch It:

Howard the Duck and She-Hulk both already have a following, much more than any of the agents from the other ABC shows. In addition to that, Marvel has already shown that it can do a show about a lawyer or a private investigator (see Daredevil or Jessica Jones). These shows could be awesome and will most likely succeed because they provide things that the other ABC shows are criticized for not having.

So what do you think? Would you watch these shows? Give me your opinion in the comments.


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