ByChristina Steffen, writer at

I ask you to please free Avery and his nephew, and look hard at the police department, crime lab, and lawyer Ken. I strongly believe Ken is the one who killed her and got the the sheriff to help help frame/plant evidence on Avery. I have so much more to say. But I will just keep it at this. Everything proves he is innocent. So is his nephew. The police didn't bother to check her cell phone records, cause it would prove it wasn't Avery. The woman made a video talking about if she were to die before she was 31. Why would she talk like that? Unless she knew something was going to happen to her. She had confided in co worker that she was being harassed by someone one that was male. Whose to say it wasn't her ex. He hacked her phone n deleted things. Why ? Unless he was hiding something, and he knew she was going to see Avery. Did anyone check her place for clues? Like a diary? Please reopen this case and look at everything. He deserves to be free. If u have any questions on anymore of what I can tell u I noticed about this whole case, pleas contact me!


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