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With last year's [Disney Infinity 3.0](tag:3458183) keeping its focus firmly on Star Wars and its predecessor Disney Infinity 2.0 being distinctly Marvel-flavoured Disney have certainly been profiting from the huge interest in their two mega franchises - Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm - and a tough bar has been set to beat for the next instalment in the popular franchise.

After all, is there anything bigger in the world right now than Star Wars and Marvel? Not anything owned by Disney, that's for sure. The interactive sand-box battle game will be looking to put out something big for [Disney Infinity 4.0](tag:3731796); something that will still encourage parents complaining about the number of Infinity characters strewn about the house to shell out for another play set.

Here's what we'd like to see in the next game, but what about you?

Underrated Disney Characters

Treasure Planet
Treasure Planet

There's a bunch of great Disney characters we haven't seen in Disney Infinity yet - Lilo (Lilo & Stitch) Sally (A Nightmare Before Christmas), a lot of the original princesses and princes who could use a polishing up - but there's two hugely underrated Disney films that we feel deserve a look in, and those are Treasure Planet and Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

Think about it, how awesome would it be to play get the badass Captain Amelia, scheming Long John Silver, explosions expert Vinny or the unconquerable Princess Kida on the Infinity stage?

Atlantis: The Lost Empire
Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Likelihood: Likely-ish. Whilst there's nothing stopping Disney from including these characters they're all from the early 2000s - a little earlier than their target audience would remember - and certainly not their most profitable or well known movies.

So whilst it's not entirely out of the question I wouldn't hold your breath for adding that Jim Hawkins figure to your Infinity collection. Boo.

DC Superheroes

Well, like Marvel, DC have already crossed their characters over into the Lego video games, so why not Disney Infinity?

Think about it; we could have the Justice League against the Avengers, Mickey Mouse and Batman slugging it out, Superman going mano-a-mano with Rey, Mulan taking on Hawkgirl... The possibilities are endless.

Likelihood: Okay, I guess this one is pretty unlikely. An agreement between DC and Disney for the usage of their characters would be tricky to work out; that's pretty much a given as DC is a subsidiary of Warner Bros and Disney owns their largest cinematic competitor - Marvel Studios.

But hey money is money, and DC would profit from the opportunity to get in on the Disney Infinity racket as interactive figure based games go from strength to strength with both younger and older age bases alike. We can dream.

Muppets (Treasure Island Themed)

Everyone still loves The Muppets, right? Right!?

Given the previous success Disney have had with their swash-bulking franchise Pirates of the Caribbean (characters from which have already been introduced back in Disney Infinity 1.0) why not take one of the most beloved of the Muppets films - a Muppets: Treasure Island theme - and use that for 4.0? With Tim Curry please and thank you.

Likehood: This is perhaps the most likely of the three as The Muppets have been a pretty enduring presence in the Disney canon for many a year now, and the cute designs of the various characters are colorful and eye catching even to younger kids who might not have seen the movies or shows before.

Although there might still be some residual tensions there over the Miss Piggy / Kermit break up... Relationship drama breeds good conflict though so hey, you never know.

What do YOU want to see in Disney Infinity 4.0? Tell us in the comments below!


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