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Blue Sky Studios has helmed quite possibly the most influential cartoon to ever be created into a computer generated family film released in the school holidays. Sounds dodgy right? It isn't. This movie is fabulous. It tells the story of titular character Charlie Brown and his pet dog Snoopy as Charlie falls in love with the Little Red Haired Girl across the road from him. He then sets out to win her over by various means.

To put it out there, I am quite possibly the most oblivious person to the 'Peanuts' cartoon. I know about it, but never really knew what it was about or what Charles M. Schulz tried to get across in his strip. However, I decided to do research before the film just to get acquainted. And it's safe to say that anyone who is a big 'Peanuts' fan, you are going to love this movie. It is a perfect tribute to the original cartoon and basically looks like a souped up moving comic strip, it's extremely accurate. You'll also be treated to some of the most gorgeous, original animation to come out in a very long time. The mixture of computer generated 3D and 2D all intertwining was amazing and I loved every second from start to finish. The voice acting is also spot on to the old cartoon and sounds very, very similar to the original actors. Especially using archival recordings of Bill Melendez as Snoopy and Woodstock.

Australian release poster
Australian release poster

The few flaws I have from this movie mainly come from the pace of the film. This is probably due to the original strip being very short and to the point which this film has replicated well, but left a strange viewing experience when sometime random scenes would pop up which just came then left very abruptly. They were mainly little gags which happen at breakneck pace and barely left me with time to sink in what happened before moving onto the next gag. This only happens a couple of times but it was extremely noticeable and sometimes left me wondering for a slower pace, but it's probably a positive for those who love the comic, so I can understand the choice. I also felt that the whole sub-plot of Snoopy becoming the Flying Ace was a little meaningless and was mainly written in for filler. It does not do anything to advance the story in anyway and just cuts away from the interesting story at hand for comedic action and Snoopy trying to woo another dog named Fifi. It felt tedious as well at times and just not as fun as Charlie Brown.

All that aside, I absolutely adored everything else this film had to offer. I enjoyed the interactions between each of the little children and loved the stark differences between each other. This translated excellently to screen and made the film so much more fun than it should of been. I especially loved Lucy as a character. She was a blast every time she was on screen.

An example of how beautiful every scene in this film is. They all look like an extract from the comic.
An example of how beautiful every scene in this film is. They all look like an extract from the comic.

A truly unique animated film which I think deserves a little more recognition than what I've heard from it personally. The film is a whole lot of fun from start to finish and just made me smile the whole time with the gorgeous animation, charming characters and little lessons they teach the young ones along the way. Whilst giving adults a great, nostalgic time. A great time at the cinema, see this soon.

. The animation style
. Every character in the film.
. The voice acting.
. Fan service.

. The pace (at times)
. The 'Flying Ace' sub-plot


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