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Deadpool is drenched in a substantial shower of depravity. Fans of the Merc with the Mouth have been promised a superhero like no other. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the movie has received its desired R-rating, opening the floodgates to debauchery and violence.

Ryan Reynolds himself, as well as fans and the film's producers have all been vying for the adult rating. It's a deviation from the norm, but one which feels essential to bringing Deadpool to the big screen in all his glory.

Before we proceed, see the red-band trailer for yourself:

Released on Box Office Mojo, the film has received the rating for:

"Strong violence and language throughout, sexual content and graphic nudity"

Those of you familiar with pretty much anything based around the character won't be surprised. A big part of Deadpool's appeal lies in its unique feel; this is a superhero tale with a bite. Screenwriter Simon Kinberg deliberately chose the R-rated version of the script to help it stand out.

Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool
Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool

Not that it needs help with Ryan Reynolds involved. Most of the movie's marketing has rested comfortably on his shoulders; he's effortlessly brilliant and fluently hilarious as Wade Wilson in the red suit. Part of the allure lies in the character's dark sense of humor, which'll now have free reign.

Pretty Racy, Pretty Hyper-Violent

Talking to Collider, Reynolds spoke of his surprise at what they could get away while making the movie. He said:

"There’s some pretty racy, pretty hyper-violent things that happen in this movie and it’s been a lot of fun to shoot."

So, with the rating confirmed, what can we expect? Well, firstly, the R-rating permits the following:

  • Violence that is both intense and persistent
  • Multiple occurrences of harsh and sexually orientated expletives
  • Sexually orientated nudity

Combine all three of the above and you have pansexual mercenary Deadpool in a nutshell. Judging from the red-band trailer alone, we can expect...

Violence. Lots Of Violence.

Plenty Of Lewd Jokes

"I don't normally say this, but don't swallow."

Oh And, Plenty Of This...

Significantly, this movie won't be for kids, and neither should it be. The film isn't about making as much money as possible, and although it perhaps is a shame some children will miss out, this is about being true to the story.

With a budget that essentially makes this an indie film within the superhero universe, Deadpool is promising to bring something genuinely different.

February 12th can't come around quick enough.

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