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For those of you savvy movie buffs in the know, you'll remember when Walden Media, the company that produced the first three Narnia films, lost the rights to continue the franchise.

There, there Aslan.
There, there Aslan.

Narnia nerds and fantasy fanatics were scared about the prospect of the rest of C.S. Lewis's incredible and otherworldly series no longer getting the big screen treatment.

That was until 2013 when The Mark Gordon Company met an agreement with the C.S. Lewis Company to produce the next installment: The Silver Chair.

According to Mark Gordon, this is what fans can expect:

“We’re hoping to be able to make the movie very shortly [...] it’s all going to be a brand new franchise. All original. All original characters, different directors, and an entire new team that this is coming from."

The ability to do a franchise reboot is facilitated by C.S. Lewis's story of 'The Silver Chair' featuring many new characters, and the ones that have been seen before have aged somewhat, such as King Caspian.

For those of you who did not follow the books, here is a quick synopsis of the tale. It is now 10 years in the future since 'The Voyage of the Dawn Treader' and King Caspian X is an old man. His son, Prince Rilian, has been missing ever since he went off to find the green serpent who killed his mother (the Queen of Narnia). Aslan sends Eustace Scrubb and Jill Pole, two friends who met at a mixed boarding school, to go and find Prince Rilian.

Here's who I'd like to see be cast for several of these new characters:

Willow Shields as 'Jill Pole'

Willow, who played Prim in The Hunger Games, would be the perfect fit for Jill. Willow has the blonde tresses already going for her, she just needs to cut her hair to shoulder length and she's ready to step through the wardrobe.

Artistic Impression of Eustace and Jill.
Artistic Impression of Eustace and Jill.

Gaspard Ulliel as 'Prince Rilian'

The Saint Laurent French actor and model could use the opportunity to really establish himself in the English-speaking world. I personally think this heartthrob would make a great lost prince.

Will Poulter as Eustace Scrubb

This 22-year-old emerging star may now be playing with the big boys in movies like The Revenant, but with his eternally child-like face, he could totally pass off still being at school. It would be nice to see him reprise his role and come back to the franchise that helped put him on the global movie map.


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