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Leonardo DiCaprio may have won a Golden Globe for his role in The Revenant, but it was the hilarious, Oscar-winning wince he threw at Lady Gaga that has won the Internet.

Just in case you've made like Leo and spent a significant amount of time trapped beneath a raging bear recently, here's the moment in action:

Obviously the world and its mother are now talking about the hilarious interaction, which, although it happened days ago, has still got us all in stitches.

The pair have vocalized that there is no beef between them, however that still hasn't stopped Twitter users from exploding the site with witty reactions. Here are some of the best:

1. On repeat

2. Casting that

3. Method (acting) to the madness

4. As if you needed to ask

5. Travolta's back, tell a friend

6. Been there, done that

7. See above

Source: Twitter, LB


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