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Karly Rayner

The Star Wars franchise is well known for inspiring fervent shows of fandom from its followers and The Force Awakens seems to have really got one hyper-talented artist's creative juices flowing.

22-year-old Heather Rooney showed that the Force is truly with her in the awesome photorealistic pencil drawing of Rey below and it's hard to believe that this immensely detailed creation isn't a photograph:

Nope, it's not a photo of Rey
Nope, it's not a photo of Rey

For the cynical among you who find it impossible to believe the perfection above is the work of a mere human hand, Rooney has recorded a Youtube video that shows her impressive artistic process to show you exactly what a pack of pencils can do when they are operated by the right person!

I can't get over how she works her magic on those fly away hairs. Incredible.

To see more of Rooney's awe-inspiring and often movie related work, check out her website or Facebook page.

(Source: Geek x Girls via Heather Rooney)


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