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(Warning — the following contains theoretical SPOILERS for future installments of the Star Wars saga, along with actual ones from The Force Awakens itself... and might just hurt your brain, heart and feelings along the way. It's probably best to proceed with as much emotional steeling as you can muster, gang...)

Now, one of the truly great things about Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens - other than pretty much all of it — is the fact that it's entirely possible to spend a fruitful evening with your friends debating which of the film's newly introduced main characters is the most ridiculously awesome. Actually-well-rounded-female-character and all-around badass Rey? Quiptastic, entertainingly over-confident Finn? Or, my personal favorite, 'I only need five minutes of screen time to make you want to be me' Poe Dameron?

The genius of the movie? They're all equally awesome.

But only Poe Dameron is the subject of a brand new fan theory that's going to make you fundamentally sad inside.

Yup, that's right folks:

(Note, this is where those aforementioned SPOILERS kick in...)

This New Poe Dameron Fan Theory Will Make You Fundamentally Unhappy

The reason? According to intrepid Redditor MichaelSilverV, Poe Dameron is, in fact, a First Order spy.

That's right, that Poe Dameron. The dashing, newfound LGBTQ icon with madder X-Wing skills than a horde of Wedge's (sorry Red Leader).

Who might, if this theory is correct, be an agent of the First Order.

It goes a little something like this:

It Seems a Little Odd That We Didn't See Poe's Escape From Jakku

As MichaelSilverV puts it:

His explanation of how he managed to survive the crash and get off Jakku in time to participate in the relief of Maz Kanata's temple seemed lacking. He was thrown from the crash and woke up at night, which, assuming that Finn came to during the previous day, would create a significant time jump in his story. Yet, alone, and seemingly without any resources, he managed to get off Jakku and return to the Resistance base on D'Qar. It is odd to give a supposedly major character that much off-screen adventuring unless something is intentionally hidden from the viewers.

Which is certainly true — although it's certainly possible to see Poe's absence as an attempt by the filmmakers at raising the narrative's stakes by implying that he had died.

If Poe's Story Doesn't Add Up, Though — Then What Really Happened?

Well, going back to MichaelSilverV:

I believe what happened to Poe is the following: Like General Hux ordered just as the Tie Fighter was beginning to crash, they sent troops to the crash site. However, unlike Finn, who actually landed a good distance from the crash, Poe was recaptured...We've already seen that Poe can't resist Ren, so it's not out of the question that Ren is able to go deeper, and potentially reprogram Poe as a double agent. So the First Order picks him up, Ren works his magic, and they send Poe on his way to the Resistance as a double agent. Now, I'm not sure if Poe even knows about this. Perhaps he's been programmed as a sleeper agent.

Yup. That's right. Poe may well have been mind-controlled, and become an agent (inadvertent or not) of the First Order.

The big question that leaves, though?

Why Would the First Order Allow Poe to Take Part in Their Ultimate Destruction?


It's probably because it's a long con, and the long con is Ren's, and not the First Order commanders'. Ren has already indicated that he cares more about finding Luke Skywalker than the proper functioning of the First Order's chain of command. He figured that the pilot who managed to get his hands on the map to Luke would be a perfect plant to eventually get to Luke and then eliminate the last Jedi when called upon.

All of which... actually makes a whole lot of sense. Kylo Ren certainly did seem to be playing his own, largely separate game to the rest of the First Order, and if certain theories of his true motives are true, then the loss of a First Order base would be a small price to pay for finding Luke Skywalker.

The Only Problem?

The official novelization of The Force Awakens includes Poe's escape — with the help of a scavenger, a speeder, and a neat/awkward podracing reference.

Which means, as far as official Star Wars canon is concerned, Poe is just really, really good at escaping desert planets (if less talented when it comes to finding beloved droids). In fact, there's even evidence to suggest that Poe's escape was filmed, meaning we might even get the chance to see it in some sort of deleted scene.

Which... is a pretty big relief, actually. After the events of The Force Awakens, I'm not sure that I could take Poe turning out to be evil too....

What do you think, though?

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