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Due to hit the big screen in March, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has already gifted us with two epic trailers that tease with some truly epic footage of our favorite muscly heroes fighting and being very serious.

As we wait with baited breath for the release of the film, Youtuber Aldo Jones decided to take the opportunity to amuse us all by adding a few hilarious changes to the trailer. Check it out:

Jones's trailer is pretty funny and definitely changes this superhero action into a hilarious mish-mash of comedy plots and pop culture references.

His photoshop skills were put to very good use distorting the faces of just about every character in the trailer.

And in his sequence of events, the fight between Batman and Superman is finished before it even starts because Lex Luther blows Superman's brains out at a Gala.

Which is probably why Super Mario shows up to save the day.

Forcing Lex to up his game by unleashing Jack Torrance from The Shining.

At which point Batman enlists the help of Miley Cyrus and her wrecking ball.

Now that's a movie I would pay good money to see. Ridiculous and brilliant.

Check out the original trailer below for comparison:

The movie is due to hit theaters on March 24 and stars Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Amy Adams, Gal Gadot and Jesse Eisenberg.

The plot follows the rivalry of Batman and Superman, while the world wrestles with what kind of a hero it really needs. With Batman and Superman fighting each other, a new threat, Doomsday is created by Lex Luthor. It's up to Superman and Batman to set aside their difference along with Wonder Woman to stop Lex Luthor and Doomsday from destroying Metropolis.

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