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Three months after its release, Fallout 4's modding community continues to to thrive. Off the back of Force Awakens fever, anjoss has created a mod that allows you to take control of Dark-Side-inclined badass Kylo Ren to wreak havoc across the wasteland.

Due to obvious copyright concerns, this Star Wars tribute is available to PC players only, but if you're lucky enough to have a machine capable of running Bethesda's RPG then you can spend your time...

Tormenting the local populace

Striking down those who will become more powerful than you could possibly imagine

Before, of course, killing your own father

Check out Kotaku's lightsaber-led spree below:

If, however, you want to use the iconic Jedi weapon for good rather than evil, you can bring lightsabers to the wasteland without the addition of Mr. Ren. Chayification walks you through how to install the mod, step by step.

What next? Star Trek's phasers, Alien's Pulse Rifle, Predator's shoulder cannon?

[Source: Kotaku]


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