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If you carelessly wasted your ultra ball the first time around and saw Mew scamper into the long grass never to be seen again, Nintendo has just given you a fresh new hope of achieving the ultimate goal of catching them all.

Nintendo has announced it will mass release legions of Mythical Pokémon into the wild once more to celebrate the cult game's 20th anniversary so fans will once more have a chance to use their stealth and cunning to capture the rarest Pokémon in the game.

Also known as Mirage Pokémon, this special group cannot be found under normal conditions and the only way to obtain one for you collection is to participate in "Pokémon events" that are hosted by Nintendo around the world.

To give an example of how elusive these magical Pokémon are, the last time US fans had a chance to nab the legendary Mew was in 2010 — although trainers could also capture Mew by putting in the hours on the 'My Pokemon Ranch' Wii game.

The first Pokémon to be re-released back into the world will be Mew in February and then, according to Gamestop, we will see a new Mythical Pokémon become available again every month.

Victini, I choose you!

(Source: via Gamestop)


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