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Most of us occasionally have a really bad night's sleep. Perhaps we're left tossing and turning, unable to drift off into dreamland.

As much as that sucks, it doesn't suck as much as the sleepwalking conundrum in horror flick Uncaged (trailer above).

A Sinister Legacy

Jack's in grave danger
Jack's in grave danger

You see Jack — the protagonist of Uncaged, a new horror film by Daniel Robbins — keeps waking up in the woods, naked and confused.

Naturally, if this happened to you, you'd probably try your best to find out what is going on. Jack is no different. He decides to strap a camera to himself to discover the bare facts.

Written by Mark Rapaport and Daniel Robbins (who also directs), Uncaged tells the story of the 18-year-old who was orphaned as a child, who uncovers a sinister truth about his family's legacy.

That's a Werewolf (I think)
That's a Werewolf (I think)

What he does discover is beyond even his worst nightmares. It appears that Jack should be aware... Wolf.

'Uncaged' will be released to DVD and Digital on February 2, 2016.

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