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If creepy cults are your thing, then be sure to check out the latest supernatural thriller The Veil from director Phil Joanou (The Punisher: Dirty Laundry). The film stars Jessica Alba (which is reason enough to check it out IMO) and follows her role as documentary director as she ventures to discover the truth behind a cult's mass suicide at the hands of its charismatic leader (Thomas Jane, The Punisher), with the help of a lone surviver (Lily Rabe, American Horror Story).

Joanou said in a statement:

“The film is more of a supernatural-mystery-thriller than it is straight-ahead horror. It’s a bit more narrative and character driven than you’ll typically find in the modern version of the genre. And that’s what initially attracted me to Ben Garant’s script: these flawed, vulnerable characters — each one of them carrying a secret — coming up against the Jim Morrison of cult leaders, all of them clashing with the massive tragedy of the past. The script really played with what you tend to expect from this world and offered up a uniquely haunting journey.”

According to reports, The Veil will go straight to DVD on February 2nd via Universal Home Entertainment.

Until then, here's the trailer and some movie stills to get you in the mood:

Source: Bloody Disgusting, Collider


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