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Part of the beauty of social media is the immediate access to celebrities and public figures who were previously impossible to reach. Additionally, we can see any online spats play out in real time, which is something oddly voyeuristic that today feels totally normal.

Case in point: Modern Family star Ariel Winter recently took to Twitter to call out Nash Grier, a Vine-famous Internet celebrity with over five million followers on Twitter. Nash has been criticized for his often homophobic and racist online presence in the past, but Ariel reminded us all about his dicey history when the hashtag started trending.

This set off a spat between the two that played out in very public fashion.

For context, here's one of the moments Ariel is referring to

This is one of Nash Grier's older vines, in which he implies that HIV is a disease that only affects gay people while also using a homophobic slur. I've got to agree with Tyler Oakley here. This is not only blatantly offensive, but it also manages to promote a dangerously incorrect myth about a serious medical condition to millions of young fans.

Many of those young fans have completely glossed over (or even defended) his troubling history, but Ariel swooped in this past week to offer an educational reminder.

After getting bashed by his fans, Ariel published a longer and brilliant response to Twitter and Instagram

Despite young fans sending her hate messages, Ariel doubled down on her original post and called out Nash's history of bashing Muslims, Asians, and women's bodies. She also made clear that she and Nash are the same age, so all the times he's used his youth as an excuse doesn't really hold much water.

Nash attempted to make the conversation private

And pointed to some vagueness about opinions without any mention of the actual issue.

Ariel wasn't having it, though

She came back with this brutally dismissive tweet.

After that, the two subtweeted each other for a while

Have you ever noticed that it's always the people who claim to "hate drama" who are actually the ones who thrive off of it?

Anyway, hats off to Ariel for being one smart teenager. Let's hope Nash's fervent fan base doesn't force her off the social media networks she's currently ruling.


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