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Yesterday, we got our first look at the shortlist of young actors who could potentially play the role of a young Han Solo in Disney's planned prequel spin-off movie. Let's just say, not everyone loved them...

You can read that casting information here, but perhaps the most interesting thing about that article is the name which frequently pops up in the comment section: Anthony Ingruber. So, who is this Ingruber and why does he appear to be a fan-favorite over the likes of Miles Teller, Dave Franco and other bigger named actors?

Well, Ingruber is a relatively unknown actor who did achieve a certain level of Internet fame following his impression of Han Solo back in 2008. In the Youtube video, shown below, he recites some of Solo's famous dialogue with almost perfect Harrison Ford tone and cadence.

Check out the original scene from A New Hope for comparison:

However, it's not just an old Youtube video that his fans are using as evidence to support a young Han Solo casting. There's also the fact Ingruber has already played a young version of Harrison Ford.

Ingruber appeared in last year's Age of Adaline, a romance starring Harrison Ford that featured flashback sequences. In these scenes Ingruber was brought in to play a younger version of Ford's character, allowing him to try out his 'impression' on the big screen.

It seems widespread vexation surrounding Disney's relatively bland casting shortlist has led some to once again take up the call for Ingruber, with hashtags like appearing on Twitter. If that's not enough, he also has some fan art to back up the claim.

Ultimately, despite lots of support from his fans, I'd be very surprised if Ingruber managed to make it onto the shortlist, let alone grab the role.

If the casting shortlist hadn't already made it blatantly clear, Disney is obviously looking for someone who can bring in the big bucks. It is this financial consideration, more than anything else, which will likely dominate their decision in regards to casting Han Solo.

Perhaps all this fan pressure might make it to the studio heads, and it would certainly be interesting see a massive studio like Disney taking a risk on a young talent like this. Unfortunately, the cynic in me thinks this is all very unlikely. What do you think?

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