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SpiderDad was created by me, Mike Wilson. My son Jayden was sadly lost his battle to a brain tumor at Christmas, and i've been fundraising i
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Spider-Man series directed by you.

The Spider-Man series was created, edited and all visual effects made by Mike Wilson. But this web series has a twist. YOU Direct the story. Yes that's right, you decide what happens next in each of the short 15 second clips filled with as much action and visual effects as possible. The idea behind this is to build on my visual effects skills. To push my learning to more challenging levels.

Where can i watch and be notified of each episode?

I have adapted this Spider-Man series so you can watch on you favorite social media platform. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube. Simply subscribe or like the page of your choice and your done.

So how do I pitch my 15 second story idea?

Simple. All you need to do is watch each of the Spider-Man episodes on any of my social media pages listed below. Like the or subscribe to the page and comment with your idea. For a better chance of having your idea used, comment on all of the social media pages.

Tom Holland follows The Spiderdad
Tom Holland follows The Spiderdad

Even though this series has only just released episode 2. Tom Holland has even got on board by following my Instagram page. Very honored and cant wait to see him on screen as the Web Crawling Superhero.

Here is Episode 2 - Don't forget to like and comment :)

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