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2016 will mark the official start of the DC Cinematic Universe, if we can call it that. They've already introduced the timeline of their movie release dates all the way until June of 2020. That's a total of 10 movies which is two movies a year for four years. In the poker world, that's like putting about 90% of your chips in on your first hand, in a table where other players have been winning for hours. If you lose, you have to fight your way back up with the little chips you have left against players that are playing with house money. You might get some wins here and there, but nothing will take that first loss out of people's thoughts.

Jessica Rief Cohen of Bank of America/Merrill Lynch was asked during an interview with Variety magazine about the stakes riding with Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

They have the chance to come out with all these other movies, but it makes the situation much harder; harder to win an audience, harder to market, if this one doesn’t work. … It’s pretty critical.

Analyst Doug Greutz was quoted saying

They have told Wall Street they are going to grow earnings at Warner Bros. If you can’t make that franchise work, then you can’t achieve that goal.
Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice
Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

We start off of course with Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. The movie we've been waiting for since, ever. Putting two of the most popular characters in the DC roster and the world, up against one an other. Many will have you believe that Marvel's Captain America: Civil War was a direct answer to DC's announcement of BvS, but that truth, we will never know. As of right now has the budget estimated at $250 million, which does not include marketing, and that could be estimated north of $150 million. In order for the movie to be considered the success the studio needs it to be, the movie would need to bring in upwards of $700 to $800 million dollars.

BvS is stated to introduce the majority of the Justice League in cameos or short stints within the movie. These are major players in the DC Universe that will be relegated to at most five mins or less of screen time. In my opinion, I feel it might be a little rushed, but we will all see when it's finally released.

One of the obvious things that worries me about the theatrical longevity of BvS is the introduction of Doomsday. Even the die hard Superman fans were visually upset. As seen below in the Angry Joe Show YouTube Channel. Skip to the 1:58 mark for a humanity cringing reaction.

*Caution: Very Strong Language*

"Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice"
"Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice"

His reaction was similar to mine. I truly hope that the addition of Doomsday into the BvS does not take away from what this movie could really be, and that is very good. There is some understanding to the notion that you have to bring in a baddie worthy enough to justify having two of the strongest people on the planet and one of the smartest needing to team up to take him on. The hope is that they do right by the character, the introduction and the reason for him to be there. We will see on March 25th how it all comes together. I'm still very optimistic.

Suicide Squad follows BvS in August. This movie is the Guardians of the Galaxy for DC. Minus the fact they tossed Batman in the movie for the effect of connected universe. How much is Batman going to appear in this movie is yet to be known, but let's hope it's not long enough for it to be a distraction from the movie itself. Other than Harley Quinn, the casual fan is not familiar with anyone else in the Squad. Which in turn makes it the sleeper of the 10 movie universe. If DC can pull off a win with Suicide Squad this year, then it would be very hard to disappoint with the other movies being led by much more recognizable characters.

Who this version of the Joker is is still to be known, but there are so many rumors and speculations out there to keep a person busy until release date. Is the movie a continuation following the events of BvS or is it going to go the origin way with some of the main characters on the team (Harley Quinn and Deadshot)? Either way, this is an early gamble for DC at the beginning of their connected cinematic universe.

If BvS is a success; not only in box office receipts but in story telling, they can ride that wave all the way to 2020 as Marvel did with The Avengers in 2012. Everything they made after was considered an extension, and was received with mixed emotions, but people got invested to find out the end result. We could have been looking at a totally different outcome if the first Avengers movie was received and widely criticized as Avengers: Age of Ultron was.

That is why BvS is going to be the catapult of the DCU. It's either going to fly high and make an impact, or it's going to sail low and not open the path for the other nine movies to reach their goal.

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Do you think DC has wiggle room if Batman v. Superman doesn't make the impact they are hoping it will make to lead into the next 9 movies?


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