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James Wood

Amy Schumer has exploded onto our screens in the past year and a bit. Her popularity has spiked and I can see why! This woman is hilarious. I’ve seen some of her stand-up shows on TV and I’ve been left in stitches. Whilst some may say she tends to only focus on smutty, dirty, sex related comedy, she can do a whole lot more, and Trainwreck is proof.

When Amy Townsend (Played by Schumer) enjoys the life of a party girl indulging in many sexual escapades. However, when her boss at her men’s magazine company sends her to interview sports doctor Aaron Conners (Bill Hader) she begins to form an attachment, and breaks her rule by staying the night at his. Could this be something or will Amy stick to her ways of avoiding monogamy?

Trainwreck goes back and forth ditching the genre cliches whilst reverting to some cliches in the smartest way. This isn’t a typical soppy rom-com, the story beats aren’t the usual order you’d find in films like How Do You Know, Aloha or Blended and so on. It’s refreshing to see Apatow and Schumer keep things fresh, and with subplots that work and don’t hinder the pace, this is a very solid and consistently funny comedy.

Schumer is brilliant, her timing and wit and sarcastic shots throughout deliver big belly laughs, and when it comes to emoting, her dramatic chops are superb and unexpected. The funeral scene really proves this star’s talent. John Cena is hysterical and really down to earth in this one, his best moments sees him try to talk dirty. Bill Hader is as funny as ever, but at times it feels he’s been pushed aside in terms of comedy to let other stars shine. LeBron James is great, he nails some one liners to perfection, straight faced and very likeable.

Tilda Swinton is unrecognisable, you can tell she is having a blast as Amy’s horrible boss. The whole character is flawless, an ignorant, self absorbed editor, I love it. Vanessa Bayer left me in stitches with her character who “smiles when she’s nervous”, look out for this scene, brilliant performance from Bayer. I can’t praise this cast enough, not a single performer is out of sync. Brie Larson is fantastic as usual, she brings a lot of emotional heft to the film, as well as some big laughs thanks to some moments of deadpan delivery.

With talent to the brim, a great soundtrack, great cinematography of New York and an even tone that sits well under the consistent bursts of comedy, this may well be one of the funniest films of 2015. A very high recommendation!


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