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Netflix, Inc. is doing all it can to reduce the number of VPN users on its platform.

Netflix Inc. is aiming for global domination as it opened its services in 130 countries simultaneously last week. The best thing about this global roll out was that the firm managed to do it without any technical glitch in any of the regions whatsoever. The expansion was smooth and the new customers are quite satisfied with the service they are being offered. However the main problem lies in the regions where the internet TV services are not offered. People access Netflix through VPN which the company does not like at all.

Last year, the company officials announced that it will straightly ban and close down all those accounts that access Netflix by the means of VPN. They were very much annoyed with this act hence planned to expand globally so that the services are not used illegally and unethically. The streaming service is taking bold steps to eliminate this factor but it mentioned that it is already doing a lot to ensure no one uses Netflix through VPN. Netflix stated that it cannot do more about its VPN users who are ‘circumventing’ its geographic locations as well as troubling local companies.

When the company planned to expand in the Australian region, more than 340,00AC0 users subscribed to its services prior to its mega launch in the region. Before it officially entered the market, it imposed great threat on local new and established business that offered same services.

According to the chief product officer of Netflix, Neil Hunt, stated in an interview at the CES 2016 Las Vegas, “Our ambition is to do global licensing and global originals, so that over maybe the next five, 10, 20 years, it’ll become more and more similar until it’s not different. We don’t buy only for Canada; we’re looking … for all territories; buying a singular territory is not very interesting any more.”

Netflix was doing all well when it expanded in 130 countries but it missed on the Chinese market. This was the main concern as China is expected to over take United States for being the largest movie maker in the world. It is going strong internationally amid the concerns revolving around dying user growth in its mainland. The streaming giant is doing well in the United States and more than half of the citizens prefer Netflix for streaming purposes. But sudden decline in user growth was worrying for shareholders and investors as well but the firm vowed to stay strong and create newer revenue streams.


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