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When it was released, Watch Dogs garnered a similar critical consensus to that of Ubisoft's first [Assassin's Creed](tag:437814) game. It was seen as a decent IP with some great ideas, but ultimately a half-baked and repetitive product. However, I doubt that Altaïr was hated to the degree that Aiden Pearce was — you get the picture.

Alright, Aiden that's enough.
Alright, Aiden that's enough.

However, while Aiden Pearce appeared to have all personality sandblasted off, the gameplay of Watch Dogs was rather intriguing in its own right. Well, it seems that one fan out there liked the mechanics of Watch Dogs so much that they wanted to introduce them into another game. The game? GTA V.

Watch Dogs Arrives In Rockstar's GTA V

Looking good, hacker.
Looking good, hacker.

Above you can see a screenshot of the mod that has brought Ubisoft's latest IP to one of the most beloved games of all time. It was created by coder JulioNIB and posted online a few days ago. But it doesn't only replicate the abilities you had as Aiden Pearce, it actually improves on them.

I know, David! I know.
I know, David! I know.

Here are the various abilities the mod enables you to carry out in Los Santos:

  • Change traffic lights
  • Set off car alarms
  • Erect bollards
  • Crash helicopters
  • Turn off streetlights
  • Burst fire hydrants

This is all achieved with the use of your trusty mobile phone. But it doesn't stop there.

New Abilities, Ubisoft Should Have Had

By going beyond what Watch Dogs actually allowed you to do, this mod demonstrates the limited nature of its gameplay, but also brings us closer to what could happen in Watch Dogs 2.

In this mod you can remotely drive cars, the camera switches to within the empty vehicle, while you stand at a distance.

Cars can also be programmed en masse, so whole intersections of traffic can be forced to suddenly accelerate into a heap of burning metal, or simply sit and rev their engines until they burn out.
Trains can be derailed and ATM machines made to spurt out fountains of money, with crowds reacting/panicking appropriately. - Eurogamer

Wanna Download It?

Well at least you got that right!
Well at least you got that right!

Head on over to the link here to download this mod for GTA V on PC. Enjoy!


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