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F is For Family Review

Very excited to be reviewing the newest Netflix exclusive tv show F is for Family created by my all time favorite comedian Bill Burr. The show falls in the same genre as as family guy as far as characters but this show is rated R for foul language and sexual situations and that’s where this show is magic. You cant help but love the setting of the late 1970s new England and all the norms of the time that are as ancient as rotary phones are today

We have all come to love profane animation from south park to family guy but the great part of this show, the character driven stories featured in the 6 episode first season allows for great NSFW moments courtesy of some amazing voice acting by Burr and Justin Long and Sam Rockwell. The Story never feels like a set up to punch lines and the shows delivers both comedy and family values to which the 70s really represented. From letting your kids play out all day to drinking and driving no subject is taboo in this show and I cannot recommend it enough. The only complaint I have about this show is that they only gave us 6 episodes so here’s hoping for season 2!!!

p.s. this show is perfect for binge watching and/or multiple viewings which is always a plus here at Chucks Movie Minute

So lets grade this according the chuck scale of awesome

Animation –A+

Comedy –A+

Plot development-A+

Characters- A

Orginality –A++++



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