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Sorry Superman (you're not on this list), this is a list for superheroes,or villains that are not traditionally thought of - but still highly anticipated.

What makes a character appearance on the silver screen so sought-after? Is it finally being free from the page, and making a long overdue appearance. Is it in the eye of the beholder and through the fingers of whoever is typing? The answer is........ all of the above.

The characters that are not on this list, Deadpool, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, (he is really,really bada$$) and basically anyone with a solo movie coming out. I could just write a list of upcoming movies, but that would take the fun out of speculating on certain characters fate(role) in upcoming movies.

10. Lea Seydoux - Gambit

She's on the right, who doesn't know Selena Gomez?
She's on the right, who doesn't know Selena Gomez?

I am a fan of X-Men: The Animated Series, and I look forward to seeing our favorite Ragin' Cajun on the big screen. What role could possibly be that important that it is announced relatively the same time as the lead character? Would they waste a talented actress like Seydoux on Bella Donna Boudreaux? Since the events of Days of Future Past, anything is possible - and we should know more after X-Men: Apocalypse about how they're proceeding with their X-Universe. Even a chance to see Gambit/Rogue on the big screen, makes her one of the most anticipated characters. (Sorry, Anna Paquin won't cut it)

9. Hope Van Dyne "Wasp" - Ant-Man and the Wasp

'But she's already appeared in Ant-Man!' How can one not be excited to see Evangeline Lily portray an iconic superhero. I was rather disappointed (congratulations on your new baby!) that she would not be making an appearance in Civil War - but Kevin Feige made it up, by announcing a movie with Paul Rudd's Ant-Man.

8. Adam Warlock/Magus

Was that his cocoon in Guardians of the Galaxy? Will he emerge with the Soul Gem? Are we all wrong, and he is somehow Quill's father? How powerful is he compared to Thanos? Was he Adam Warlock, and is he now Magus? As you can tell by the vast array of questions - he is one of the most interesting characters in the MCU. Why did Rusty Cohle turn down a chance at playing him?

7. Mera/Aquawoman - Justice League

Who will play DC's "Little Mermaid" (I cannot be the only one to think that!), recent rumors are suggesting Amber Heard (legit) - and the only question is how do you take comics longest-running joke and turn him into complete badassery? First, you hire Khal Drogo (check), and then you have him take down an army of sea creatures. Anyone who is familiar with 'The Trench', knows that Mera and Arthur are a formidable pair. I would most definitely not mess with 'The Queen of Atlantis,' and this makes me uber-excited for her debut!

6. Cable

Recent comments from Deadpool's creator, Rob Liefeld, have him casting Jon Hamm as the future messiah! Since Fox scrapped Fantastic Four 2, Deadpool has emerged as the best candidate, given the performance in February. The only team-up I rather see, Deadpool and Spider-Man.(This will not happen in the foreseeable future.)

5. Moon Knight

Marc Spector is a fan-favorite to join Marvel's Netflix Universe. The main reason I do not see this happening - 1. He was mentioned in The Winter Soldier (Who else could be a guy from Cairo?), 2. Netflix's plate is full of characters already. Will we have to wait until Phase 4? I highly doubt we'll have to - Kevin Feige made comments on how he's trying to get the Mercenary into the MCU. He could appear in Black Panther, Captain Marvel, almost any movie. What would upset fans the most is a lack of an origin story!

4. Black Adam - Shazam

The Rock.................... in the DC Universe.......... anticipation piqued!

3. Harley Quinn/Red Hood

Margot Robbie as 'Harley Quinn,' might be the best casting since Heath Ledger (too soon?). Will the Red Hood be in the next Batman film? Maybe, yet it does not dwindle the anticipation of seeing him square-off against Gotham's Guardian. After the backlash of Man of Steel, DC looks like they actually have about 12% of a plan.(it worked out fine for the Guardians) I for one cannot wait to see if DC will pair Harley up with a certain Dr. Pamela Isley?

2. Atrocitus/Larfleeze - Green Lantern Corps

Atrocitus is the leader the of the Red Lanterns(Rage), and Larfleeze wields the Orange Lantern (Avarice = Greed). If DC is the doing a Green Lantern Corps movie, then I highly suggest putting in two of the biggest bads in their universe. The likely hood of adapting the "War of the Green Lanterns," if DC would to do so - it would then separate from there predecessor, Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern. I am unsure on how to put these two villains in a movie, but they definitely should consider it! (This is about the anticipation of seeing certain characters in movies.)

1. Captain Marvel

WAIT!! That's JLaw at the globes - and before she tried her best Amy Schumer impression, she looks like the spitting image of Captain Marvel from the comics. Why wouldn't Marvel Studios want to hire someone that could play the lead - for at least ten years! Captain Marvel is one of the most powerful heroes in Marvel's pantheon. I am brimming with excitement, I just want her to knock Iron Man out! (In the comics and on the screen!)


A lot of people thought we never see Batman v Superman on the silver screen, and we were wrong. We live in a time where fanboys/girls rule the conversation. Anything is possible, and I cannot wait to see it all!


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