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Brit Cole

(**Vague-ish spoilers**)

I am hugely disappointed, maybe even as far as disgusted, with this movie, as well as with the general population who like this movie (except for the small percentage of avid fans that share my viewpoints). I cannot understand the hype that still surrounds this movie and why people like it. Yes, it was fun to see Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamill on screen together again (or at least, in the same movie, as they don't really share much on-screen time in any one scene), and although their presence helps, it does not make up for the rest of the movie.

When I first heard that JJ Abrams and Disney were making a new Star Wars movie, I was not enthused like everyone else. I have never been a fan of JJ Abrams' work, and Disney, with few exceptions, hasn't put out anything very creatively substantial in about 15 years, so I was wary about being hopeful that this movie might be any good. However, after reading and being told rave reviews about how great The Force Awakens is from people who saw the movie it's opening Thursday night, I'll admit, I had new hope. I suddenly got excited to see it and went Friday morning to a 3D showing. I should have trusted my initial reaction.

This movie is basically a terrible remake of the original Episode IV, with some aspects of Episodes V and VI thrown in. If you've seen the originals, save your money and just imagine those movies with teenagers, awful teenage dialogue, bad and misplaced jokes, a female version of Luke's character, a wimpy version of Vader's character, and a ton of plot holes because it appears that is all JJ Abrams and the other writers did when creating this monstrosity. I felt as though maybe the writers actually intended to make fun of Episodes 4-6 and the our beloved characters.

While I was suffering through the film, I started making a conscious effort to find things about it that I liked, or at least appreciated, other than the fact that the original main characters returned. I think the only blip of a scene I truly enjoyed was a moment where the camera pans up to show an air battle from the ground view perspective. That looked neat, but has nothing to do with the actual story. Other than that, I can say I liked Finn's character. He provided some comic relief and I thought John Boyega gave a good performance. But none of the characters or actors had any chemistry between them. Rey had potential to be a good character, but no character development left her weak. I liked that she at least wasn't a damsel-in-distress type, but she just magically knew everything about everything, which I found annoying and unrealistic. Poe was a decent character, as in, not too many flaws. He wasn't special in any way but, despite disappearing for a good portion of the movie, he was a stable character. His personality and actions made sense to the story and to who he was.

I'm pretty optimistic when it comes to movies. I can usually find something in any movie, no matter how bad, that I enjoy. But this was a tough case. They did not weave nostalgia with any new ideas, so it felt forced and stale. Even the aspects of nostalgia were ruined. They were there simply to be nostalgic, they served no purpose.

I hate to say it, but even the Star Wars prequels were better. I can only hope that younger and future generations watch the original trilogy before they watch this nightmare of a movie.


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