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Brit Cole

I am a feminist and therefore am absolutely into the whole "women can do everything men can do" (and get paid the same amount for doing it), but this new gender-swapping trend of taking old classics that I love and simply remaking them with an all-female lead cast is not one that I am looking forward to continuing. First with the remake of "Ghost Busters" and now I hear "Ocean's Eleven" as well? Where's the originality?

It makes me think of a quote I read a few weeks back in the New York Times in an article about Star Wars, in which Jeanine Basinger (a film studies professor, according to the article) expressed how pleased she is that movie studios are finally giving moviegoers stories again, rather than just big expensive visual effect shows. I heartily agree with this sentiment, however, I'd like to add that these stories should be new, invigorating, intelligent, and at least somewhat original. Not movies that are thrown together just to make a buck off the new female-lead trend and a popular movie name.

It's not as if we haven't seen successful movies with female leads, or at least strong female co-stars, that offer good original stories, action, excitement, and intellect. The first one that comes to mind is obviously "The Hunger Games." Katniss is a brilliant lead character with strong morals and goals and the fact that she is a woman makes no difference. Another series that has done amazingly well with equal parts to both genders, and all races and ethnic groups, is the "Fast and Furious" series. Yes, the majority of the leads are male, but the women work right alongside the men and can fight, con, drive, and steal just as well. This also goes for the Marvel movies. Though we've yet to see a female superhero be the lead character, it is for sure that if I were a little girl watching those movies, the Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) would definitely be my idol. That woman is a powerhouse.

Sadly, I don't hold out much hope for the new "Ghostbusters" movie, but maybe I'll be surprised since I do like several of the actresses and actors that are in it. The "Ocean's Eleven" remake, however, might at least have potential with Sandra Bullock in the lead and George Clooney as the producer. Regardless, I don't see why or how it's a good idea to remake a bunch of masculine-driven movies with female leads, as it might be counter-productive by (possibly) ruining movies that many know and love, but perhaps time will tell and give me an answer. Maybe it's a way of easing our forever sexist world into a more woman-friendly place, but somehow, I still think original and new is a better option.

Or maybe they intend to go both ways, and will release a gender-swapped version of "Charlie's Angels" in a few years. That would surely be interesting.


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