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Hideo Kojima's swansong, [Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain](tag:2683985) is a flawed masterpiece. Konami's oppressive rule has certainly impacted on the perfect nature of MGS5's narrative, but that's what makes The Phantom Pain's gameplay all the more incredible. It's literal perfection.

Metal Gear Solid 5 & Its Perfect Gameplay

Dat opening.
Dat opening.

That's why, when it comes to Metal Gear Online, there are no narrative disappointments to be found. It's simply you and your opponents and your abilities on the battlefield.

The PC beta for Metal Gear Solid 5 went live at 10 pm PT on January 12th, about 3 months after XBOX One and PS4 players could enjoy it. Believe me, while it doesn't come anywhere near the perfect singleplayer experience, it has elements of greatness that were worth the wait.

Welcome, PC Gamers: 10 Reasons Why You Need To Play 'Metal Gear Online'

1. This

The stuff of dreams.
The stuff of dreams.

Well there's reason number 1! You can actually play the game with a cat mounted on to your character's head. Is anyone else excited to see what Hideo Kojima can do with Sony?

2. Fultoning Your Enemies

Kotaku writer, Patricia Hernandez, feels that getting fultoned in Metal Gear Online is just as bad as getting teabagged. I argue that it's worse. It sure is satisfying when you can do it to an enemy, but it's horrendous when it happens to you.

3. Squad Goals

Let's go, team.
Let's go, team.

You and your friends can actually go into battle looking like this. There are so many character variations to satisfy your eclectic taste. Sometimes I'm so dumbfounded by what people are wearing I forget to shoot them... sometimes. If the rest of Metal Gear Online had this level of variety it'd be one of the best online modes for a singleplayer game.

4. Music Choices

During your online matches you can elect which theme music you'd like to listen to. While this seems like quite a small feature, the music of the Metal Gear Solid franchise is so remarkable that this needs to be included. Trust me, play this retro theme during matches and it'll enrich the experience all the more.

5. The Non-lethal Approach Still Satisfies

He's just too cute!!
He's just too cute!!

Metal Gear Solid changed everything when it was released. Kojima took the action genre in a new direction by advocating stealth and non-lethal approaches to taking down your opponents. This isn't really how things work in online games.

But with Metal Gear Online, the multiplayer mode offers you ways in which you can ensure that your stealthy approach to the campaign will still fly online — you'll just have to be more careful. It still feels like Metal Gear, and that's a real achievement for Kojima.

I spy some decent gameplay, boys!
I spy some decent gameplay, boys!

Some other stuff we love about Metal Gear Online:

  • We like that you load into a personal base where you can free-roam, as it allows you to test out your gear and check out how your costume is working for you. Great touch.
  • Your loadout is almost exactly the same as what you get in the singleplayer mode. There's a ton of variety when it comes to taking down your enemies online.
  • This is one of the best multiplayer experiences on PS4 and Xbox One that lets you play online with a friend. Working side-by-side in Metal Gear Online is so satisfying — especially for covering one another from fulton attacks.
  • The weather still matters and drastically alters everyone's approach and plans. It breaks players out of their online habits.
  • The maps are varied, with a lot of verticality too. Each one presents challenges to your awareness and abilities in battle.


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