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With just getting off the Christmas celebration, some memories are stronger than others when it comes to the incomparable David Bowie. I remember watching a Christmas Special back in the 70s and having my breath taken away while two icons from different generations sang a duet. Bing Crosby, a legend already, sang little drummer boy with a fairly new artist who was making a splash with the new generations, David Bowie. I remember staring in unbelieving wonder as the two of them entranced me like bards with a magically enhanced tune. That was probably my first exposure to David Bowie. I was suddenly asking myself who this man was. I was intent on finding out.

I won't lie to you and tell you that every thing he sang entranced me. But he was an original. Every new song stood on its own and sometimes sounded NOTHING like the last. He was an artist; an actor and his stage was the world. No matter your feelings about his latest project, you found yourself drawn to his performance; mesmerized by his welcoming voice. Everytime he took the mic, all eyes were on him. He was all in. Everything he was began to be poured into every performance for all of us to see. He laid himself bare for us to cheer or to scoff. His courage was amazing.

I remember his challenging space opera and it's star Ziggy Stardust and the call to Major Tom. I remember his introduction to the MTV crowd with 'Dancing in the Streets' with Mick Jager and his controversial video for his lead single, "China Doll". I remember a decade later, the 'Goblin King' reaching a whole new generation with Bowie's bizarre charisma (If he were a D&D character, he'd be a Bard of the highest caliber). But he would not stand still for any of us. The pop world couldn't cage him. MTV couldn't hold him. Suddenly, he was off to other worlds, other projects. I didn't follow most of what he did, but I respected it all.

Even though I hadn't heard any of his newest projects, I cheered at his cameo in 'Zoolander'. I also realized how much I missed him. And, now, again, I realize how much I miss him more.


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