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Well, First let me tell you what is being said: “ Supernatural has been MIA from the spotlight for quite sometime now.” “How the mighty have fallen!” “supernatural has gone downhill since season 5!” ‘Supernatural has been bad for the past years and I only watch it out of morbid curiosity!” “How dramatic Supernatural has become! It seems that the writers forgot that it’s a horror show!”

First things first, tell me what would you have felt if Supernatural has been cut short after season 5? What would you have felt if it ended the way it was suppose to (with Dean being with Elisa not hunting anymore and Sam going into hell and somehow back but not with dean)? You would simply say that the ending didn’t satisfy our thirst. You would say that the ending is petty open and leaves us with a bile of unsolved issues.

So for those who say that it has been no good since season 5 as if any season much be stronger than 5 or else it’s bad no matter what it contained or no matter the effort used in doing it!

Well, we all have to admit that no season has come afterseason 5 and has been of equal strength but come on people that’s completely natural! Simply because in any serie not just in Supernatural it’s near damn impossible to find a story that can top the apocalypse. I mean it guys what on earth can be more important than the end of the world?! Of course, nothing!

but if you look back at all those seasons, you will find that none of them was unwatchable. On the contrary they contained pretty amazing stuff e.g. It was pretty good to see Castiel’s dark side in season 6, the whole idea of the tablets (the three Words of God) was very promising, in season 9 the fallen angles, Metatron’r intelligence and the mark of Cain were pretty fantastic and in season 10 to be able to see Demon Dean, Dean doing all he can to fight the mark and how far the brothers will go to save one another was intriguing although you might say that it had no storyline but the whole idea of the season was Dean fighting his demon side. Plus if memory serves you, you recall that it was those saesons whoch hosted episodes like The French Mistake, A Man Who Would Be King, Appointment in Samarra, Dog Dean Afternoon, Meta Fiction, Fan fiction, About a Boy and whole lot more. Am I correct?

I mean yeah they had some issues. But Come On! Nothing on earth is perfect let a lone a serie and I’m sure that each serie has its issues. What is worong with that?!

Secondly, for those who say that it has become really dramatic and that the writers have forgotten that it’s a horror show!

Well, correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think that it works well in the first couple of seasons. Am I right? Seriously guys, you wouldn’t have stucked to it that long if it was all about horror! I mean what would be the difference one season and the other? Nothing! If not for the stronge brotherhood between Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalaki) and their relationship with the wayward angle Castiel (Misha Collins) It would have been very boring and repetitive!

Just, Let me ask you this: What can the writers actually do to appease you?! If they filled the season with hunting cases (like seasons ten and seven), you say where is the storyline? And if they put a promising storyline (like seasons 6, 8, 9 and 11) you say where is the hunting cases?!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally, from my point of view, I think that everybody in the serie does whatever they can to offer you the best they have and to bring you a epic story or at least as epic as it can be in the available storyline. But what do they get in return? A bunch of of complains and ratings going down!

I mean seriously try to look at ever season separately with an objective eye, the inevitable fact will strike you and you will realize that they was no way better to present each of the storylines!

P.S. It doesn’t mean that the season is bad if it isn’t a stronge as season 5. If the serie has gone bad, it wouldn’t have surivived for 6 extra years counting the current!

Where are you loyal fans? Why are you letting the ratings go down? Do something before it’s to late! Do something before it gets cancelled!

“Supernatural” season 11 is expected to return on The CW this Jan. 20.



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