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I was surfing the web for batsy forums and I ended up finding a lot of posts which had quarrels among fans on who the better batman was,it started from Michael keaton and ended with bale and some of these lists started with adam west,who was no way related to a movie.So I decided to use my imagination just like spongebob said and came out with my dream cast on a bunch of men who would have done well in older movies.So here it goes.....


I know this sounds pretty awkward,because Jack sparrow is not batman or neither is Edward Scissorhands.I know that its pretty hard to imagine this clown as batsy,or atleast that's what I thought in the beginning ,because Inspite of being a Tim b material,he has shown that he can almost play anyone.

and then I realised that this guy would be a great bruce wayne and here's some proof for it.

I'm not sure how he would have looked under the cape and cowl but he would have done it well,cause this man is a camaflauging chameleon and ironically speaking he did play a great Rango.


He does look like Bruce Wayne and his performances in "A TIME TO KILL" shows that he could have played a good Brucey back then.But Bruce Wayne has many other charcteristics to mask his identity, He is a player,quick witted buisness monster dealing well in stocks and also maintains his cool,and these characteristics have been shown by Mathew in MUD ,GHOSTS OF GIRLFRIENDS PAST and not to mention his short time cameo in WOLF OF WALL STREET.Still don't believe me?,here's some proof.

I know what you're probably thinking,"Is he good for the cape and cowl"? my answer is 'yes' ,because if George Clooney can play batman,I don't see why Math can't.


This guy is a legend I tell ya,This man is a legend and if someone deserved this role it's defenitely him.I know I know he's old,but so is the Frank Miller inspired book turned movie "the dark knight returns "and I would say there is no one else other than Maximus who can take on the cape and cowl in the name of old Bruce.


I know that a lot of people hate him and I am one of you,but batman is sort of a dull fella and cage has this cold accent and voice which would sound better under the cape and cowl than how Bale's cancer voice sounded,he's not exactly a perfect fit for batman but neither was Val Kilmer ,and batman is a detective and cage happens to play a 'close to a detective character' in national treasure.Besides he was offered the role of 'Neo' in the matrix series but he turned down the role and that's the reason why Keanu Reeves got the part.He also got to play Superman in the never-made Tim Burton movie 'Super man lives' the movie was cancelled due to production issues,my point is if cage was offered such big roles,it means that producers,Casters and directors saw something in him and this shows that he would have played a great batman.


The man who played the non psychotic version of joker in fight club,do you think he could have played joker's nemesis well I say 'yes',with promising roles like Achilles,Rusty Ryan,John Smith and some notable movies like Fury and Inglorious Bastards,this man is going towards becoming one of the greatest actors in the world and he would have been a stunning Bruce and Batman.What Say?

If you can't agree even after watching that video,then you have a bad taste of actors.

And I'm done...So who do you guys think could have played batsy during their era ? ,comment below,and if you think that I missed out some actors go check out my IMDB list

and if you still think I didn't place your favourite actor as the director of Wayne Enterprises then let me know !!!!!.


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