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Some spoilers follow for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Avatar, Titanic, Jurassic World, The Avengers, Furious 7, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows-Part 2, Frozen, and Iron man 3.

With movies nowadays with crazy insane budgets, special effects, and lots of people previewing the movies, you'd think that a movie so BIG wouldn't have a mistake. But in actuality, even the highest grossing movies have mistakes...its pretty crazy how the reviewers would miss something that big and/or even that small. From continuity errors to spotting a crew member/object, below are the movie mistakes you might not have seen in the top 10 highest grossing films of all time! Enjoy!

1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

1. In the opening sequence, the camera pans down on a planet and moon that are three-quarters lit in sunlight. Then the battlecruiser crosses the images as a silhouette, eclipsing the planet and moon in total blackness. Impossible. The battlecruiser should have been lit three-quarters in sunlight, same as the planet and the moon. As the stormtrooper shuttles are deployed and cross over the battlecruiser silhouette, the shuttles are illuminated.

2. When Rey is unloading her speeder bike the sun is setting, but when she goes to trade her gear it's bright and sunny, and when she goes home, in the long shot on her speeder bike the sun's setting again.

3. After the sun has been drained of its power and dies it should be pitch black, but we are able to see Ren, Finn and Rey in the forest. The only light should be man made, and they are too far away to be illuminated by the lights from the base.

2. Avatar

1. In the beginning scene where the shuttle lands on Pandora, as Jake gets on his wheelchair preparing to alight from the shuttle, the man behind him unloading equipment has his exopack mask loose even though he is exposed to Pandora's atmosphere.

2. In a scene in the planning room (where the computer model of Pandora is being studied by Colonel Quaritch and Parker Selfridge), Jake is watching them move the model quickly to find something on it and they show his digital watch which says 2:19. Less than a minute later they show his watch again and it says 2:51.

3. In the scene where Trudy is firing up the Scorpion Gunship when helping Jake & co escaping from the Company HQ, a microphone is visible under Trudy's tank top, near her right breast.

3. Titanic

1. In the scene at the start of the movie with the "authentic" piece of film, you can see a girl with a hat waving to the people at the ground. When the ship is leaving port in the film, she and others are in the same positions, only in reverse, because the first "authentic" shot is the same shot, only reversed.

2. When the men are checking the store room for Rose and Jack, the men are using huge battery powered bright white flash lights that look like they're from Jurassic Park. Back then they would have produced yellow light. The light used in the movie was a Short-Arc Xenon bulb, you can tell this by both the very high color temperature of the light and the center of the light has a "hole" in it where the actual tube is blocking the beam. Such technology was not around at that time.

3. In the scene where Rose breaks Jack's handcuffs, you can visibly see the stunt person not wearing suspenders as Jack does. This is an inter cut shot between the raising of the ax and the striking of the cuffs. Leonardo's stunt double is noticeable in other shots throughout the film.

4. Jurassic World

1. Even if boys of that age had the technical know-how to quickly repair Jeeps over 20 years old (seriously?), any gasoline in the tank would have long become unusable, the tires and lines would have rotted away, and the electrics would all be dead. Now if it was in the desert or a dry garage, it may have survived, but it's on a tropical island, in a shed that has all sorts of holes in the roof, leaving it exposed to every kind of weather the island could throw at it. In addition, the kids start the jeep with the small battery of an ATV, which cannot produce enough power to crank a Jeep engine.

2. In the scene when Hoskins first approaches the raptor cage, his watch shows approximately 2pm. After the rescue of the staff member who falls into the pit, the shot cuts back again to Hoskins and his watch shows 1pm.

3. When Zach and Gray are waiting for the gyrosphere, Zach stares at two girls and there's two more behind them. When the gyrosphere arrives for the first pair, there's no sign of the second pair.

4. When Owen runs towards the raptor gate, a moving boom mic shadow is visible on the gate.

5. Claire finds the cell phone with the broken screen, picks it up, and when she's about to put it down, the screen is fixed.

5. The Avengers

1. When Tony goes after the nuke, there is a huge cut visible above his right eyebrow (or viewer's left). Later on after his face mask is removed, his right eyebrow is completely visible in the shot, even with the helmet in the way, and the cut is nowhere in sight.

2. During the scene on the Helicarrier where Bruce Banner "Hulks out" and jumps at the F-35B hovering just outside, we see the F-35B fire its guns, one inside each of its intakes. The F-35B has only one gun, externally mounted to underside of the fuselage. It would be impossible to mount a gun inside an aircraft's intakes.

3. You can see the blue screens on Bruce Banner's glasses when Tony Stark is talking to him about embracing the Hulk rather than disliking it.

6. Furious 7

1. When the house explodes there is a massive explosion and fireball that creates a pressure wave strong enough to send Brian flying into the van. However not a single window breaks on the houses just feet from the explosion.

2. When Dom comes to a stop in the underground garage, there is a drain just in front of his car. When we see the cars reflection in some glass, the car has moved so the drain is not visible.

3. When the team attends Han's funeral, Deckard Shaw is watching the team in a Maserati Ghibli with tinted windows. When Dom notices him he then chases Shaw in his muscle car. During the chase the Maserati Ghibli is seen twice with clear windows with a man in a mask behind the wheel. When Dom and Deckard come face to face with the cars and then crash into each other, the Maserati Ghibli is then seen again with clear windows. After the crash when Kurt Russel makes his entrance the crashed Maserati Ghibli still has clear windows.

7. Avengers: Age of Ultron

1. When Captain America is fighting Ultron in the truck, for a brief moment you can see a safety line holding actor Chris Evans as he's hanging on the side of the cab of the truck.

2. When the Avengers are defending the core, Ultron flies in and starts fighting Vision in real time, but pay attention to the left side of the screen: Iron Man is flying by in slow-motion.

3. The wounds on Pietro's(Quicksilver's) body change. The most noticeable one is on his right shoulder. The amount of blood decreases too.

4. During the end credits, the camera is constantly circling a marble statue of the Avengers beating Ultron. Early on, there is a close-up of Iron Man's right hand, and it's empty. Later on, in a much further shot, he is firing the repulsor from that same hand.

8. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows-Part 2

1. One of Snape's memories show Lily telling baby Harry to be safe, be strong. That had to have occurred before Voldemort killed Lily. Snape was not in the house until after Lily was killed and Voldemort was gone. Only Lily and Harry should have had that memory, but not Snape.

2. When Voldemort kills Lily, she is wearing a sweater with high neck, long sleeves and it's red. When Snape comes in the room and sees Lily dead on the floor, she is wearing a blue blouse.

3. Immediately after the confrontation between Harry/McGonagall and Snape in the Great Hall, Harry runs up to Ravenclaw tower against crowds of students running the opposite direction. However, all the students would have been in the Great Hall during that confrontation, and therefore would have been coming from the same direction as Harry.

4. During the main Harry and Voldemort duel in the courtyard, there is an aerial shot of the duel, with Voldemort on the left and Harry on the right. Between them, in one of the arches of the alley, a cameraman in black is visible for about one second.

9. Frozen

1. In the scene where Kristoff and Anna are riding on the sled, in the first shot of them in the sled, Anna's hair is behind her, flowing in the wind. In the next shot, her hair is in front of her, resting on her chest.

2. When Anna, Kristoff and Olaf get thrown by Marshmallow, Anna does not have her hat on when they are sliding, yet her hat is back on in the next shot.

3. When Anna and Kristoff fall off the cliff after being chased, they are still tied by the rope. But when they land the rope is gone.

10. Iron Man 3

1. When Tony is in his garage injecting his arm, his chest piece is glowing brightly through his shirt, however, the very next shot when he is wiping his arm with the alcohol pad, his chest piece is suddenly turned off.

2. When the Iron Patriot armor is shot at on Air Force One, the bullets ricochet and smash a window. The windows on Air Force One are bulletproof.

3. When Tony's house is destroyed by the Mandarin, watch closely when Pepper is blown through the air, just before Tony attaches his suit to her - she's very obviously wearing high-heeled shoes that would make it impossible for her feet/ankles to fit correctly into the suit without them being crunched up by the suit's boots. But later on, when she gets out, if you listen, you can hear the "clicking" of her unbroken heels as she runs around.

So What Do YOU Think of These Movie Mistakes? Do YOU Know Anymore? Tell Me YOUR Thoughts In the Comments Section Below! THANKS FOR READING!

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