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John Levell
  • I will start this article with verbiage from The Empire Strikes Back, "I love you." "I know..." as we all know these are the last uttered words between Leia and Han before he is frozen in Carbonite. I have heard these lines more than any other in the entire Cinematic History and to tell you the truth it has never become stagnant or boring. I am what you would call a "Star Wars Nerd" through and through. I am proud of this fact because I am in some small, insignificant way a part of a world wide phenomenon. As 2015 draws to a close, we are flooded by Star Wars by the new owner Disney, whether that be from Disney Land to Visa, corporate advertising at its best people. So normally my anticipation for Star Wars: The Force Awakens is at it's highest. I have felt this before with these same movies only to be thoroughly disappointed by the "Prequels" which relied highly on C.G.I. and trying to tell the original stories. I have often compared using too much Computer graphics in any movie to taking a woman out that is wearing an extreme amount of perfume and will not stop talking about her cat Whiskers, it is completely unnecessary and a waste of your time. I won't get too much in depth about plot, dialogue, etc... the way most fans would no, and I will not blame Mr. Lucas for this. He is like a father that has a boy and decides he is going to get the child into sports, but instead of letting the kid have fun, he decides to try and turn the kid professional for his own selfish reasons. When I say this I am meaning that ol' George just wanted his proverbial "boy" to do too much and sacrifice having fun. Anyways, let's go to a date: December 18, 2015, my excitement is at a very high peak almost too high knowing that I could potentially be let down. We finally arrive at our Movie Theatre, waiting in line with a lot of Darth Vaders and Yodas which is awesome I love how the fans always turn out. As I'm entering the theatre, I hear someone talking to another, "I hope this doesn't suck." These are my sentiments exactly good sir. The infamous Star Wars crawl is on the screen, cheers are let out including one of my own in which my date doesn't seem too impressed by, I don't care though I love this it's my childhood and my adulthood together again at last. I must say the story seems very interesting and different I am ready for a great movie, and as it would be it is.I can safely say that Disney didn't drop the ball as I was worried they would. As we enter the scene with Han and his son Kylo Ren aka Ben Solo, I fight back the tears that I know will inevitably start flowing down my cheeks and trying my best to do so it happens anyways. I compare my emotion to that of Chewie's when he lets out that devastating roar as he just lost his best friend. At the end of the movie, Luke is just staring at Rey and not one word is spoken, now I know most people are never impressed at movies by cliffhangers but that one was epic. As the credits roll, I think to myself wow I love Star Wars and this just redeemed my love and patience for a good Wars' movie to finally happen after all these years. I am left in awe and I am impatiently waiting for the next in this new Trilogy. So as I begun this article, I will leave you with the same quote pertaining to my endless emotions about Star Wars and how the creators of this movie finally understood, "I love you." "I know..."


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