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We had a fun interview with Jeff Davis, when we asked him "When is this season really getting the humor back with Stiles and Scott" Jeff answered us with a "I can't say it, but it will be this season. (Laughs)." After we asked who more will return he said "I can't say who, or when, but for season 6 i have some plans for getting back some people." and we replied to him with a "Who would you like to get back in season 6." and he got us really in the heart with this "I would love for Jackson to come back, i wouldn't be like Colton come back for 2 Seasons.

No, i want him for 6B, to finish his story line but also for him getting back to the family. I really want to finish the story of how his real parents got killed and see how much he growed when he was away.

I would also bring Isaac back for ever with Chris Argent, If Daniel Sharman and JR Bourne have time i would love them to be back till the end. JR will still be in a recurring role, but as for Daniel Sharman, he will definetly get a lead role. I know Tyler Hoechlin isn't returning for Season 6A, that might still change, but in 6B i definetly want him back. Also Ethan who didn't die, i would love him to come back. I think it would be fun to have a senior gay releationship and a junior releationship.

I'm not saying with who Mason is ending up, but it's definetly Corey or Brett. With Ethan, i might bring Danny back, but i think i wouldn't bring Danny Back, i think i would go with someone new." After we asked him what's going to happen with Brett the writer already knew the answer. "Brett? I know what i'm going to do with him, he was 2 episodes in season 4, 3 In 5A and i think 3 or 4 in 5B. I'm definetly going to use him for Season 6A, but i'm thinking of really giving him a story line what might lead him into the pack in season 6B, but we also talked, i mean me and Cody. And i think we could have a really cool love triangle. But will it be Mason, Corey and Brett or Brett, Mason and a girl?

I think we can really use him." And we also asked him about what will Scott's role be. "I think after being so down in 5A i think he might not even care at all what or who the new villain is. He knows he will protect everybody. He knows he's stronger than normal Alphas. It still will be a fight, but he has his pack back, he might even have new ones, old ones coming back. I would really want to see him go a little darker. And be like "If he dies, i don't care." he will still be a good Alpha and have his no kill rules but if it's the villain and it's not on purpose i just think it would be fun to see." After that we still had some questions, but we can't tell u those.

Sorry if anything is bad spelled. I'm the interviewer working for T.Kohain. From Russia. (Not the writer)


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