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ALERT: SPOILERS AHEAD! I strongly suggest you watch this magnificent film before reading ahead.

If you've seen the Golden Globes that aired last Sunday (January 10th), you know that 'The Revenant' stole the show, and in epic fashion. The film, which came out on Christmas Day last year, centers around Hugh Glass, an 1800's frontiersman and fur trapper played by Leonardo DiCaprio who is mauled by a mother grizzly bear and left for dead by two of his colleagues.

Hugh Glass. He is The Revenant.
Hugh Glass. He is The Revenant.

Hugh, while unable to move, witnesses his son, Hawk die before his eyes at the hands of John Fitzgerald (played by Tom Hardy, AKA Bane, AKA Mad Max). Glass is motivated and driven by the love of his son and deceased wife to track down and seek revenge on the man who betrayed him. I could go on all day into full detail about the plot, but this article is about how this film could potentially be an even bigger success for Leo than anybody could ever imagine.

A revenant, by definition, is "a person who has returned, especially supposedly from death", and just as Hugh Glass returned to civilization, Leonardo has returned to become the big name of Hollywood. He won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Drama Motion Picture; not to mention that the film itself won awards for Best Picture and Best Director. Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritu brought us a true masterpiece, one that will make a lasting impression for years.

Leo's acting as Glass is phenomenal throughout and it really feels like you are a part of his journey for redemption, and vengeance. You feel how he feels, even as he is seriously injured by a grizzly bear, you can't help but imagine how mentally strong the real Hugh Glass must have been to endure such suffering and yet kill the animal and survive. Everything about DiCaprio's performance is outstanding, everything from the screams as his back is completely mutilated, to his mannerisms and posture, and even to his tone of voice in the few scenes he speaks in post-attack. In an interview with Yahoo Movies, Leo stated that he actually decided to eat raw bison meat, slept in an animal carcass, and swam in extremely cold waters to prepare himself and fully become immersed in the role. Method acting at its finest. Pardon my language, but that is completely badass. In order to play a badass, he had to become one.

Leonardo DiCaprio is a top contender for the Oscar for Best Actor this year, and although this year was very good for movies, especially with the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, The Revenant really takes the cake and is in good shape for winning the Oscar for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Screenplay. Last year at the Oscars, Innaritu took all three of those awards for his film, Birdman, starring Michael Keaton (AKA Batman). Leonardo DiCaprio has been a part of many great movies, such as Titanic, The Aviator, Blood Diamond, Inception, and The Wolf Of Wall Street, but The Revenant closes the deal and completely launches him to become one of the greatest actors we've had in many years. If he doesn't win the Oscar (his first one in fact), then all hope is lost for any Oscars in the future. This performance is top notch quality, Leo is a flawless character in what really is a flawless movie. Great movie, great director, great acting by all. 11/10.


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