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With the Winter Premiere one week away, is Darhk's victim yet to be revealed?

With the beginning of 2016 here, the agony of having to wait until NEXT year for new episodes of Arrow is no longer, as the final week before the show’s return, brings about speculation once more. Loosening the grip around our hearts; the CW’s release of an extended promo on Christmas eve gifted us with the affirmation of what we were all thinking: Felicity isn’t dead.

Alongside its intent of being a red herring; the vagueness of time and place within the show isn’t enough to convince us that 6 months has passed.

In what could be a double bluff, we have yet to fear the rumoured Calculator. Though a canon attacker of the Birds of prey; with one-third of its trio named as the Oracle; Felicity is no longer rumoured to take on the codename. With the Calculator still very much a possibility in our realm of DC villains, we are just entering the beginning of a character arc with Felicity’s yet-to-be-known dark (but not Darhk) Father (also not Darth Vader).

With Emily Bett Rickards photographed on set, the assumption that the Calculator could be Felicity’s father; to indulge Oracle fans with a compromise, could end with a regretful tragedy that dooms Felicity once more. If Team Arrow becomes a target, there is a definite likelihood that Felicity’s father could conclude his arc with her life.

Having binge-watched the entirety of Arrow on Netflix over the holidays, I am reminded of Felicity’s origin episode. As we see the temptations that nearly drew Felicity onto a darker path, she is likened to her father - it is her strength; delivered through the bottle blonde embodiment of her Mother, that suggests Felicity is capable of resisting the darkest temptations of her injuries.

Whilst she surely won’t escape unscathed, so long as Felicity remains a blonde; we can have hope for light to remain somewhere in the Arrow-verse.

Moreover, in the Flash Universe, Zoom isn’t quite poignant enough to draw Barry Allen away from a funeral in Star City - especially one for his ex-lover Felicity.

Having just recruited Harrison Wells to the dark side; we have at least a couple more episodes to solidify the character fated to be the subject of Oliver’s grievance; and perhaps, fall short of a murderous long lost father. Regardless of his identity, if Felicity’s Father falls on Team Arrow’s radar - tropically to Oliver’s ignorance - we could potentially see the death of Olicity as well.


1. Whilst Andy has stewed for far too long in his cell, will the new year opener bring about a resurgence that dooms himself or his brother? Whilst Barry Allen is unlikely to be at Andy’s graveside; the complexities and fates of Fatherhood continue forward with Diggle. A key theme of the season; even revealing Damien Darhk to be a father, will Diggle be the only father that is defeated? With the risk that comes with being one part of Team Arrow, a lack of powers, and no death induced botanical analogies; Diggle may be the unsuspected victim in Darhk’s upheaval of Star City.

2. More popular is the theory is that William’s mother would be the one to die. In order to draw William to Star City to make Oliver Queen; Mayor, Vigilante, Fiancé and Active Parent, will the CW complicate itself with the addition of child actors? and give the Arrow more to deal with?

Whilst fans welcome this latter theory due to the funerals two sole attendees, it;s important to stress that Barry MISSED a presumably packed, funeral service. Whilst the promo for the Flash’s return shows Barry in many suits, none of them, are referential of him attending the funeral of a character murdered in the episodes prior.

3. Revisiting potential victim number 1 (from my older reviews); Detective Lance’s increasing willingness, and comfortability in undermining Darhk, is a ripening situation; in which a tragedy leaves Oliver Queen feeling guiltless but responsible for avenging. With Oliver Queen as Mayor, the necessity of Lance’s role as a segue into the city’s back pocket is no longer a necessity; with the forthcoming of Oliver’s new authority.

Whilst season 3 hinted at a lighter tone to the show, Darkness holds only a mere suspension of power over the narrative. With the evidence that no one stays dead for long; especially with a crossover-desiring group of time travellers arriving on our TVs this month in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow; perhaps Oliver’s grievance will be undone. Or perhaps, the Flashbacks of Lian Yu are yet to reveal the answers to the consequences of our present day situation.

4. With the gate to the past still open, perhaps Oliver surrenders his once felt guilt over being happy, for a responsibility of maintaining it more carefully. With the balance between his multiple roles as hero, father, husband and most likely; mayor, a fragile one; would the reburial of Robert Queen’s remains, serve as reaffirmation, of Oliver’s original mission? Seeking solace through his Father would play heavily into the continued development and thematics of Arrow’s fourth season.

Or, will Robert Queen; the Arrow of Earth 2 - as introduced in The Flash S02E06 - take up the ground beneath his headstone in Earth 1's Star City?

Arrow returns January 20th at 8/7c on the CW!

Have your initial thoughts of who dies changed?

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