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Have you ever noticed how often established characters seem to pop up in Star Wars Rebels?

If you haven't then allow me to put it in perspective for you, there are 11 episodes (and 1 movie split into two parts for TV so 13 episodes total) in Season 1 of Rebels and in at least 7 of those episodes were appearances by several established characters. That is more than half of the first season that had established characters make an appearance in it, season 2 is no different. So far there are 10 episodes (and 1 movie split into two parts for TV so 12 episodes total) in the second Season of Rebels and already in 8 of those episodes are appearances by established characters.

Honestly this TV show has an unhealthy reliance on established characters, if anything it is holding this show back. I feel they need to move away from established characters and start to focus more on the new characters and their stories and motivations, advance the new characters before you start using the old ones to help advance them. I mean seriously we are already halfway through the second season and we still don't know much about any of them, quite frankly I haven't gotten invested in any of these characters simply because of how little we know about them.

You know it really seems like this TV show is just using the established characters to advance the plot of the show, almost as if the new characters were incapable of doing so on their own. Quite frankly if you take out all the established characters that have been in the show so far you don't have much left, there isn't a whole lot of original substance to this show just a lot of reusing. You know I firmly believe if they had left these new characters to themselves and kept out the established ones they would still be running around on Lothal.

Quite frankly it seems like the creators of this show don't believe in it's ability to interest people or to hold their attention, so they rely on the popularity of the established characters to bring in viewership and to hold people's interest in the show. Just look at the majority of the established characters that have been in the show, their appearances have all been teased in some way or another, it's like oh look who is going to be in our show next you should come watch it. At least that's what it feels like.

Now don't get me wrong I have no problem with having established characters pop up once in a while but the way they are overusing them it's getting kind of old. They aren't allowing their new characters the chance to shine and that is pretty sad, this show could be so much better if they actually gave it a chance to work on it's own steam. Unfortunately with the way this show is going I don't think we are going to see that happen.


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