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"Bringing guilty men in alive is a good way to get yourself dead."

The Hateful Eight, Quentin Tarantino's ironically titled eighth film, featured a special "roadshow". If you were lucky enough to attend one of these roadshows you got to experience an overture of beautifully composed music by the great Ennio Morricone before the film, a couple of minutes of extra footage, a perfectly placed intermission, a program for the film and as Tarantino put it, "glorious" 70mm projection of the film.

The film was spectacular, however, once they reached Minnie's Haberdashery I began to question, "Was the use of 70mm necessary?". In the establishing shots of the film the presence of the 70mm is alive and well, but as soon as the setting of the haberdashery came into play it is ALMOST completely identical to any other film. Since the majority of the film in fact plays out in the cramped space of the haberdashery, the glory of the 70mm was sadly not as enjoyable as it could've been. It did however add texture to the film which reminded me of watching old westerns like those of Sergio Leone. This did add to the experience.

As someone who has seen the roadshow twice, I can personally say the experience is amazing. Would it have been better if perhaps the 70mm and wide angle lenses were utilized a bit more efficiently? Of course. Were the film and the roadshow great anyways? Definitely. If you get an opportunity to experience the roadshow, take it. The few scenes where the 70 is used to its full potential are remarkable and even though it could have been better utilized it still did give a bit of a film look that is perfect for the time frame of this picture.


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