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I am a native of Mason City, Illinois. I spent my formative years in Florida and now live in Vancouver, Washington. I graduated the Art Inst
Ben Fancher

Just recently watched "The Gunman" starring Sean Penn. It really wasn't that good. It was a typical Hollywood cookie cutter movie. I wasn't surprised to find out who the real villain was because we met him when you typically would in a film like that. There wasn't any twists or turns. Everything went off as expected. This just makes me appreciate the independent circuit more. Hollywood seems rather afraid to try new things. I understand that with something done before, it's guaranteed money (biggest motivation behind remakes and sequels) but you can't grow if you're unwilling to try new things. I think Hollywood should have a particular time of the year that they can stick to their cookie cutter stuff (I mean let's face it, there are certain sequels and remakes we will always want to see) and then another time in which they take a shot at something new and different. I think they might be surprised at how much money they would make if they released a new and appealing story. Watching this film made me realize that I would rather stay in the independent circuit. Not saying I wouldn't ever work on a Hollywood film (because if I was asked to work on the next Star Wars [yes, a sequel, not saying that I hate them, just that Hollywood needs to branch out more] or something like that, damn straight I would) but it's not going to be something I actively pursue. I will be happier creating my own stories and working towards a unique way to tell a story and eventually running my own studio. It will take a lot of work but will be worth it. So enjoy your Hollywood films but don't forget to support your indy filmmakers too. They will always need your help.


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