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I personally think The Walking Dead is the best show ever. But is it continuing after Season 6?

Robert Kirkman promised his fans that there will be another season. That means stay tuned.

"I promise all The Walking Dead fans that there will be another season of the Walking Dead. I can't let them down after the best season ever."

- Says Kirkman to the Press on January 1st 2016.

Not all of the main characters will be it anymore.

Have You Heard Of Negan?

If you didn't, Negan is this vicious character. He has a metal wired bat, named Lucille. In the comics, he used that bat to kill off one of the beloved and most sacred character ever. Glenn Rhee. In the comics, he takes Glenn out of the row of Ricks group. He doesn't want to be seen as racist.

He and his "Saviors" will chose 1 indevedual and Kill him or her. He Does this eny miny moe thing.

The row is Maggie, Sasha, Rick, Carl, Andrea, Rosita, Abraham, Carol, Daryl, Eugene, And those who I don't remember. He takes Glenn out of that row. But then he purposely picked Glenn.

On the show, #1 hit on television on AMC, Glenn already survived his 1 time every season he almost dies. But that one has been grusim to some viewers. He almost died 1 time every season and the rest of the season was good.

Glenn is the only one who hasn't killed anyone ever before. He has always given them a second chance like the season Finale of 5. Nick and Glenn were fighting. Then Glenn pulled a gun on Nick. But here's the catch. He didn't shot. Do you think they are gonna kill that 1 person who has a good heart and who doesn't have any blood on his hands?

I hope not. But Negan is here. And there is gonna lose Fangirls. A lot of them.

Some rumers have been of Daryl. Of Rick, and even Carl. But don't believe them. I personally wish it is neither of Ricks group. It can be Spencer. I don't care about him. But it can't and I mean can't be Glenn.

I mean, he's the father of that little bundle of joy in Maggie's belly. Daryl has been protective of Glenn. I don't know why. But he has. If anyone is going to die it would be him. He would give his life up so that the baby has parents. He will make the show better.

Some of you are like, "what does this have to do with continuing the series?" But listen to this, It is.

Also, it might be a dream.

Scott M. Gimple told the Press-

"Even if Glenn does die, you will still see him like he's in the show. That means Flashbacks, Thoughts, Sayings, or even in the actual show to continue the Series."

Also, when Scott and Steven Yeun(Glenn) were on the Talking Dead, Chris Hardwick told both of them, "it won't be long. You have to film the rest of the series."

And they both nodded. They were in Atlanta. And that was the last day of filming the season. Negan kills the person in the middle of 6b.

Lauren Cohan (Maggie) is a good friend of my best friend. So she knows me pretty well. She tells me and my best friend when there gonna start filming again.

So Lauren got a call on December 15th by executive director Scott M. Gimple. Scott said, "We are going back to filming the next season on April 23rd. 6:00 sharp."

Gale Anne Hurd also said the same.

Oh yeah. Scott said this too. "There will be plenty of deaths in this video. Plenty. And a special reunion from our two most loved people. Cough Cough* Glenn Maggie Cough Cough*

Here are some spoilers on the next half of the season.

Glenn tells Daryl she's gone. Daryl asks Who? Glenn tells him. But Maggie, Sasha, Carol, Rosita, Tara and the rest of the girls were caught filming up till the end of the season. Except for 1.


Carl gets his eye shot out by Ron. Michonne tackles him to the ground with Her sword. She sliced right through him. Jessie died because of Sams MOM MOM insidence. Sam gets killed to. By The Monsters!!!

Glenn is seen inside the wall. Running to Maggie who is up on her post. She yells for Glenn.

Negan Saviors take everything Daryl, Sasha and Abraham had.

"I thought living behind these walls was possible. I was wrong." Rick says in the video.

Comment who you would think would die? Will there be a next season? Who do you think will reunite? How do you know?


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