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Lottery: Powerball, Buying the Winning Golden Ticket.

Have you bought your golden ticket yet? I am not referring to the golden ticket from the movie "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". The Lottery keeps building in revenue...the demand is at an all-time high...and keeps increasing every day! This is most than anyone could dream about winning.

Turkey Hill store in employee not allowed to disclose her name says... "The line never ends". She couldn't wait until 10 p.m...the ticket sales would be finally over.

In surprise the numbers appeared on the t.v screen and in one hit the lucky numbers! It is countdown time until the numbers are revealed again. This is the largest the lottery, I have heard about.

The lottery is now 1.5 Billion and it is still climbing. The long-awaited reveal of the Winner could be tonight!?

What would you do with your winnings? Would you take the cash payout or the payments? I would take the cash payout. I would buy a few things, that are needed and maybe an Island (laughing). I would donate to the starving children and help the animals.

Good Luck!


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