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Sylvester Stallone had a lot to celebrate at this year's Golden Globes. Between taking home the trophy for a character he created decades ago and being reunited with the Hollywood elite, this year has given him something of a comeback story befitting the man that brought us Rocky.

However, the thing that turned the most heads on Sunday night has been part of Stallone's life for way longer than fleeting awards recognition. I'm talking about his beautiful family, who accompanied the actor to his golden night.

Needless to say, they're all knockouts

George Pimentel/WireImage
George Pimentel/WireImage

Joining Stallone on the red carpet were his wife, Jennifer Flavin, and his three daughters Sophia (19), Sistine (17), and Scarlet (13). It's clear that good looks run in the family, and something tells me that at least one of these girls will have an extremely successful career in entertainment.

He made sure to thank his family in his emotional acceptance speech

A huge part of Sly's genuine passion comes when he acknowledges his wife, and their little glance to each other was one of the cutest moments of the night. Creed may have earned him the statue, but his family seems to be what got him there.

His daughters could not be any prouder

Middle daughter Sistine, who is seriously pursuing a career in modeling, posted this cute picture to Instagram with the following caption:

So incredibly proud of my dad for winning the Golden Globe after 39 years for the same character!! So blessed to have such an inspiration like you in my life (I'm still shaking from excitement!!!)

What an incredible support system!

The girls make frequent appearances on his Instagram

Based on Stallone's social media presence, it's clear that this show of family adoration was not just for the cameras. They're an authentically loving group who love to spend time together, and I just don't think there could be anything cuter than that.

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