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The Injustice: Gods Among Us, set in a alternate universe where the Joker destroys Metropolis with a nuclear weapon, killing millions of people, after tricking Superman into killing Lois Lane and their unborn child. A grieving Superman murders the Joker in retribution. In order to permanently eliminate conflict, Superman establishes a unified world government which he leads as its new High Councillor. A war ensues between the forces of Superman's regime and Batman's insurgency as they battle for the faith of Earth.

It's been 4 complete issues with Year 5 finally rolling in and I can tell you Injustice Gods Among Us is one of the best comics I have ever had the opportunity of reading. I must first admit the writing sometimes does have it's flaws but it makes up for this with unrelenting action and vividly drawn pages. The writers really put a lot of thought and work into this comic as we now dive into the Final Year. The comic bases it's parts in years with Year One focusing on Superman's fall from grace and Batman's attempt to resist Superman's self imposed rule on the planet.

Each Year saw both groups go through both physically and mentally damaging scenarios with heavy loses being incurred on both sides. We see heroes rise only to fall and become villains.

Year Five, having defeated the Green Lantern Corps, the forces of magic, and now the gods themselves, the Regime seems to have eliminated all threats. Yet uneasy lies the crown on the head of Emperor Superman. Still obsessed with the outlaw Batman and worried about having enough troops to police his world, The Man of Steel begins to recruit some of Earth’s deadliest villains to his side. Does the Dark Knight have any chance of ending the Man of Steel’s rule?

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