ByKhyler Runnels, writer at

I just cast my vote on MOVIEPILOT's "Best Movies of the Year" poll. Here's my opinion( In other words, this is an opinionated article.)My top movies of the year were(in order): Beasts of No Nation, The Revenant, and Mad Max Fury Road. So obviously I have somewhat different taste. With that said, I thought the biggest disappointments were Age of Ultron and The Force Awakens. To be clear, before seeing those two movies I was a huge comic nerd and a Star Wars Fanatic. But after seeing them I don't have any interest in seeing Marvel's sequels or in watching Episodes 8 & 9(Though I am staying positive for the spin offs). Some other high notes of the year in film were Ex Machina, Kingsman, and Rogue Nation(The latter two being the first spy movies I've ever really liked(I feel the spy genre is over done)) All in all I think "Beasts of No Nation" is being totally screwed in the awards season, Idris Elba deserves Best Supporting actor without a doubt. But it seems the block busters (ex. Force Awakens, Age of Ultron) pushed the thought of a smaller drama with an all-black cast out of the collective minds of America.


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