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(And just to make it clear I am not talking about season 2 of American Horror Story.)

As I began my day like any other day browsing Netflix's grand selection of movies I came across one that just happened to catch my eye. A movie by the name of "The Magdalene Sisters" a 2003 movie based on a real life asylum or ''catholic workhouse" in Ireland, this movie has plenty of surprises by the minute. Focusing on three main characters this movie depicts the supposed "do's and don'ts" of religious young women in the 1960's. The three young women that this movie focuses on all end up at this religion crazed, abusing institution for completely different reasons. Much like the "Briarcliff asylum'' from AHS these nuns don't hold back, but instead of treating them for their homosexuality or delusions of aliens these nuns (without spoiling any main points) treat the characters like slaves and are constantly verbally abusing the girls while they call themselves "people of god''. By the ending of this movie you're not quite sure what to think, was it worth it? Were they indeed crazy? And the chilling facts that this movie is based on a real life "catholic workhouse" that is said to had taken ownership to enslaving about 10,000 girls is truly terrifying. This movie is one of those unforgettable movies that will definitely have you remembering these graphic scenes whenever passing by a church.

Article on the real asylum is linked down below:


Are you brave enough to watch this chilling movie?


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